Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

This week, Zero Punctuation reaches 100 videos and reviews Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

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Congratulations on the 100 episodes Yahtzee!

I've been wanting to hear more about this game.

And congratulations, meaningless though the number may be.

lol nice,keep up the good work...and stay on schedule,you are late

I liked how he celebrated, and now I'm thinking of getting this game. This is probably one of his more funny, lately his jokes have been a little cheap.

looking forward to the user game review because it will almost certainly be rubbish...but on this topic its nice to yathzee saying he likes a game i have just bought

Looks like the ban train will be calling shortly to some above posts, as per usual.

Congrats on #100 and it's general insignificance, another enjoyable review.

I can’t believe he played it ……

at the least it was funny…. what a surprise

The first minute had me laughing. The way you pronounced some of the stuff was hilarious.

I'm liking the full theme song and the video along with it. All your best bits.


Good video, enjoyed that a lot.

I like the alternate titles...

All right the firs proper...

lol nice,keep up the good work...and stay on schedule,you are late

Blah, ninja'd oh well. Anyways, well I hope that it doesn't come down to the womens undergarments thing again, because my canidate is Red Dead Redemption; And if past experience is anything to go by, it will lose. Aside from that though, I would still use the damage tanking one ( forgot who that is again).

The "theme the way it should be" was truly epic. I shall be remembering this video for a while.

Congratulations on the big 100, Yahtzee!

I had never heard the full length theme song before; awesome music video!

On a side note, it's safe to assume that being raped by a chair would be rather unpleasant.

Congrats on 100!!!! Great review to boot ^^ yay Yahtzee... can I go to bed now?..

congrats on 100 eps

I love the video at the end where you went in order of the videos and showed everyone memorable moments. Does this mean you loves us the fans for once?

Back to the review this game did look nice the last western game I played I think was dead man's hand for the xbox. I played the demo for the first game and I thought it was shit I would like to play 1st red dead revolver to see if the next one is any good.

Review was pretty good, but I loved the "real" theme song at the end!

theme. song. ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules

Hell yeah, I thought you'd hate the game, actually. But I agree, it's a great game.

Though I had no problem with Ray going back to the start of the level or anything, but hey, I pretty much just went through the game in a haste anyways. :P

Oh and one last thing, when you're going to save Seeing Farther, Barnsbys buddy tries to kill you unfairly before the duel, so not everyone decides to "fight fairly all of a sudden". :P

My god... The eyes of doom are back!!!

It's been said but Congrats on 100 episodes! I've been there... since 40 or something.

Anyways does anyone know why people keep posting

I Coulnd't stop laughing at the jokes, and the hilarity that was contained within thi...blah blah blah(who gives a shit)"

garbage? Is this some new type of joke for Yahtzee videos because i keep seeing this tripe on his comments page.

but seriously this reveiw is one of the best ones yet i couldn't stop laughing at the rapping chair (wich must be made into a t-shirt) and the retarted a.i.
also this is the first i heard of red dead redemption and i AM FREAKIN TWEAKED! I LOVED Red Dead Revolver and i can't wait to play da next one ^.^ WOO!
Happy 100th yahtzee!

theat was great. congrates on 100 episodes.

Great 100th episode even if it is JUST A NUMBER.

Crossover, cross-dressing contest... hmmm, I hope it comes to that.

100 is just a number, remember it

I'm really having higher hopes for Read Dead Redemption, so I'd place that as the #1. Too early to say though.

Also, congratulations on the 100th episode.

And, I can't be sure, but isn't the song at the end modified? It seemed that way. The beep at the end made my ears go deaf for a moment.

What no cake, what kind of 100th episode party is this?

Just as great as always anyway.

Like... 100.

Heh, heh. Good review, but surely the pistols can't be that bad?

I was on the fence about picking up Call of Juarez. Looks like I am off to pick it up. As a side note, I too pronounce it Hua-Res but that's because I'm Mexican. Any other way sounds weird to me.

Congrats on 100 vids, or not it's just a number. :D
Love the full length theme & montage at the end, and the rapist chairs were hilarious!

Congratulations on the 100 episodes, I look forward to the next 100.

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