Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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Awesome review, as always. I loved the theme song, the full version is freaking sweet. Any way I can get it for my music player so I can listen to it 500 times a day?

Nevermind, i scavanged it out of the video.

Hooray for 100 reviews! I really like that guitar solo that you don't use in the credits.

This was the best time I've ever had in the west. Hopefully Red Dead Redemption might top it but its Rockstar so I won't hold my breath.

Now I can only assume that 100 includes his youtube videos as this is only the 99th vid on this site with one that I refuse to count as it was a repeat of the console comparison episode good thing it is merely a non-important number

can you make a download able version for the song i thought it was kick ass

can you make a download able version for the song i thought it was kick ass

I don't know where it went, but all of the theme tunes to the vids on here had downloadable MP3s.

the cake was a lie

101 by my count.

i have been looking for a film or game or somthing to scare the shit out of me and that last second of this video did it so thank you also good review as always

AHHH, the pants!!!!!

Congrats on your 100th video! Although its quite meaningless now since this comment is taking place 30 videos into the future. But its just a number right? Also thank you for making my speakers explode with the chalkboard-nail-scratch-esque shriek of terror again.

I bought the game long ago and i must say its pretty damn good.

PLEASE! Will you finally tell us what the name of the damn song is!? it's so f*cking awesome I can't take it anymore!

My god... The eyes of doom are back!!!

I was wondering when someone was gonna mention that *shudders*


i think yahtzee getting near his 200th video review

captcha:100. Nagetin wow werid

Why isn't the theme for ZP on dynasty warriors? It would fit so well!

THAT ENDING SONG IS EPIC!!!!! i want it as my ringtone!

The "best bits" video for the last 2 minutes was quite touching. *Sniff*

I loved hearing the full ZP theme on this vid, its such a cool piece! Reminds me of Metalingus a wee bit. The kick and snare are nice and punchy, guitar work is great (sorry i'm a sound engineer and a good snare sound is equivalent to that girl/guy you like who you thought you had no hope with suddenly making out with you). The lead playing is similar to my style to mine too which makes me feel a little warm inside.

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