Escape to the Movies: G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

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Very nice review, and I was almost sure they would butcher G.I. Joe. Only thing that gets me is Movie Bob saying G.I. Joe is better than the last 12 James Bond Movies. I really liked Casino Royale, I did like Quantum of Solace, but I'll admit the story and Bonds change in motivation was a bit complicated for people to take a liking to.

Anyways, for be it from be to argue with Movie Bob, but what movie will he review next? I'm hoping for District 9 and then Inglorious Bastards. Those to movies have hyped me enough that I'm either going to research it more or actually see it.

It must be so good that it's still bieng advertised in the next 133 years! (when you play battlefield 2142 there are GI joe posters everywhere)

I still can't picture The Doctor as Cobra Commander

Good Review though, it was whizz bang silly and thats what made it alright.

i'm judging this movie before i've seen it because it's going to be like all the rest taking all the fun and excitement of the comic from when we was kids and just exchanging it for crappy lines and lots of explosions ... they should stop making movies like these!!

How do you know they did that without seeing it? Besides when you were a kid did you play dress up with your G.I. Joes or did you play kick the crap out of your friends G.I. Joes with your G.I. Joes? They aren't exchanging the excitement of the comic with crappy dialogue and explosions, they're showing what we imagined our G.I. Joes doing.

Wow, I figured it would suck.

That's surprising.

Nice Howard Zinn reference but you should've saved it for the V (not for vendetta; the aliens) remake they're working on now.

Woah... I was expecting him to shit all over it. I guess sometimes silly = good.

Nice to see whoever puts the backround for movie bobs show together finally has the timing down... now if only the images didnt blur after five seconds on screen... ah well, work in progress i guess.

All in all, nice review. still probably wont see it seeing as i am broke at the moment, but will definitely be worth streaming over my Live with netflix when it hits that.

I still won't see this movie. I need a substantial plot for me to watch a movie and this just seems like a bucket load of random explosions.

Actually, the plot and story-line isn't bad...

Wow, this REALLY surprised me. I mean, is this really possible? Can this movie be good?!?

I don't know that I got the sense from the review that this was a good movie on its own merits, just that it was good in comparison to the drivel they stuffed down cinema-goers' throats this summer. Something I like about MovieBob (this isn't the only one) is that he generally seems to be able to give us a mindset to go see a movie in. Like this one, we basically have to go and transport ourselves back to action-figure playing age.

I dunno if I'd count Casino Royale in those last 12 James Bond movies though. I know opinion is divided, but that was probably my favorite James Bond. Goldeneye might also escape any trashing too, in my opinion.

This is exactly what I hoped GI Joe to be. Thank you for reassuring me. You have the best movie reviews on the planet.

Maybe the last TWO james bond films. Really, I thought the super suit things was a pretty stupid idea, and for a moment they looked like the Army of Two guys.

I still won't see this movie. I need a substantial plot for me to watch a movie and this just seems like a bucket load of random explosions.

Random explosions combined with a few "Whohooos!!!!!" from the actors and yeah I guess that's it.

As someone who saw this last night... I was pleasantly surprised at how much good it was.
I expected it to be dire but it was really good fun and well worth seeing.
note: I'm neither 7 nor old enough to remember the toys

Only thing that gets me is Movie Bob saying G.I. Joe is better than the last 12 James Bond Movies.

Just to be clear: I didn't say it was better than the last 12 James Bond movies, I said it was a better James Bond movie than the last 12 James Bond movies ;) A bit overly-cute, I realize.

What I'm aiming at is... of course "Casino Royale" is a better movie than this ("Quantum of Solace" isn't, though) but this is a better approximation of what I think of when I think "James Bond movie" - i.e. the otherworldly supervillians looking to conquer the world, hopping all over the globe, the giant city-sized underwater bases bad guys just happen to have, the crazy gadgets, etc. And the "actual" James Bond movies stopped being good at that stuff after "The Spy Who Loved Me."

Hmm, now I actually have something on my movie list I want to see. Good show Bob.

I'm seeing it tommorow and looking forwad to it.

From the sounds of things this is what Transformers 2 should have been.

This is moviebob at his best, if you ask me.

I'm going to be honest, I still have no intention of paying to see this movie. I'll probably rent it someday or something. But the reason I like seeing this kind of thing is that mr. Bob's anylisis is always eye opening and fascinating to me. It's the very same "overthinking" that got me hooked on his youtube show.

Thanks again escapist and moviebob!

I will watch it. And I do agree that the James Bond movies suck a fair amount of ass.

I expected this review to tear apart this movie as an awful horrible bore-fest. I am very surprised, I may actually go see it now haha.

well you were right about watchmen so ill give you the benefit of the doubt (i think that's how you put it >.> ) and watch it when netflix get their grubby little hands on it >.> i wonder how district 9 will favor >.> that's one movie im actually thinking of going to the movies for >.>

I hated this movie. The worst film I had ever seen to this prior was Max Payne. It WAS!

Hell, I still have a large plastic container full of old transformer and GI Joe toys I used to play with with my brother.

I shall go see this movie, the fact that Bob thought it was good is... well its been said before, I won't even bother.

better than the last 12 Bonds? are you kidding me, i've been a big fan since you first stared overthinker and i usually agree with you but saying this movie is better than die another day and goldeneye and octopussy is just retarded.

That got me totally stoked for when G.I. Joe is coming out here. I can't wait. I couldn't wait before either, but now I can wait even less... yeah.

better than the last 12 Bonds? are you kidding me, i've been a big fan since you first stared overthinker and i usually agree with you but saying this movie is better than die another day and goldeneye and octopussy is just retarded.

If you read his additional post Movie Bob states that it was a better James Bond film than the last 12 James Bond films. He's likely talking about formula and megalomaniac villains with ridiculous take over the world schemes and such.

My plan is sheer elegance in it's simplicity

Interesting, you've at least convinced me to see it now. I'll give my views on it afterward.

I think I'll go into it like I did Fast and Furious, not expecting a great deal. Good one this week.

P.S. Tied up with work Bob? Haven't seen an Overthinker ep in a while, but thought provoking eps aren't easy I imagine.

Alright! I was telling a friend the other day that I didn't want to see a GI Joe movie that would appeal to my 25 year-old self, I wanted to see one that would appeal to my 9 year-old self who used to use the living room to stage huge covoy ambushes. I'm talking explosions, impractical undersea bases, ninja fights and ray guns, baby!

Given the current political situation, I think it's smart that they made it just as zany as the cartoon. I don't think the public could comfortably accept a "gritty and realistic" GI Joe as escapist entertainment these days.

After all, if you want to see a Real American Hero, go see The Hurt Locker.

thank you movie bob =D i wasnt going to see this movie but now maybe i will

After watching this video, I have to take a step back and think, am I sane? Is this review real? Was he paid off? I haven't seen the film because like most I moved it into the junk folder in my brain and deemed it as not worth watching, though the trailers were strangely likable despite being horribly cheesy, maybe it was the presence of attractive women in tight outfits combined with the over the top evilness of Cobra, headed by the Doctor, AKA, the bad guy in Gone in 60 Seconds, AKA an actor that has experience with doing cheesy films and shows (of varying quality) and action flicks (60 Seconds is a car chase, an hour and a half long car chase, with pit stops to try and tell us why the chase is happening, but we don't actually care) and can now play a bad guy that's so 2 dimensional that they're famous for it. I mean, can you name a redeemable quality in Cobra commander? Well, I probably shouldn't ask that since I didn't watch the cartoon or play with GI- Joe toys (Legos and Transformers, and if someone makes a Legos movie, and by that I mean a live action film based on Legos, then I will lead a revolution to wipe their backers off the face of the Earth, Les Grossman style)

Review would've been better without the f-bombs. Very jarring. You have to have a certain kind of voice to pull that off and make it funny.


I totally thought MovieBob would pan this thing. Other critics are panning it... but not MovieBob. I'm gonna go with MovieBob.

Another thing. Sommers was perfect for this material because he has no artistic restraint and zero shame for campiness. (See: The Mummy Series, Van Helsing.) I mean, this thing has ray guns in it, freaking ray guns! IN 2009! How shamelessly retro do you have to be to include that? We haven't seen that kind of balls out enthusiasm for pulp heritage since Sky Captain.

glad to hear that the film's good. going to see it veeeeeerryy soon.

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