Press Released: Plugged Into the Past

Press Released: Plugged Into the Past

Gaming, the modern man's fountain of youth?

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Couldn't agree more and I'm only 18. I still feel urges to regress back to my childhood. Why else would I buy Lego games? (My Mum likes them as well).

But as for buying every game under the sun I just couldn't. Ever game I have ever impulsed bought has been rubbish so I try and pre-meditate my choices.

As for gaming when I'm old(er) I'm looking forward to it. What I lack in relfexes I'll make up by buying a ridiculously expensive computer I know a twelve could never afford. Ha.

Great article Sean

Makes me wonder what my middle years are going to be like, I mean with the way gaming is going I'm fairly sure that this generation of gamers is going to be able to say they saw allot of advances in the gaming genre, and also allot of failures. I salute the over the hump gamers (i mean my grandfathers 70 (and while not an avid gamer anymore) and still plays today's games).

You know, the Call of Duty clan I was in had a lot of older guys. Much older guys. Guys who had wives, children, even grandchildren. A lot of them were among the best players in the games (one guy, who had to be in his late 40s, seemed to literally be the best. Killing him was one of those impossible tasks). One thing that I enjoyed hanging around with them was that they pretty much unquestionably enjoyed the games. I have an anti-Treyarch snobbery, but these guys didn't care. A lot of them loved the first game so much, that even if their computers could play Modern Warfare, they chose to go back to UO. I always wondered what made the game stand out for them like that.

Nice article. Pretty insightful. I once made a pretty good friend in my time playing WoW and he basically had the same outlook on things. Makes me wonder what I'll be thinking in 20 years.

Great article sean and I think that the games we played throughout our life defines us in a way.I'm just 19 but I like to remember about the games I used to play when I was a kid.I hope I stick onto gaming as I get older too.

You all remember that far back? Dammit, i think theres a problem with my mind memory, maybe im out of Memory space.

Hell I'm only 19 and I still play certain games to feel like I was 10 again. That's only 9 years, but then again that's nine years. That's half my life to me, more than half for many on the site. I guess I can't say I know how you feel, being not so close to my thirties as to my tweens, but as things go I understand that desire for the older to feel like a kid again. I look around at my drug riddled peers (this isn't a generalization, I'm actually talking about specific people) working at their escapism and I simply wish for that childlike ability to be entertained by a ball and room again. I guess I'm just as bad as them, because I want something impossible... and I solve it with a different addiction. As a result to this I've become a nostalgia addict; an occupation that has resulted in the complete and utter destruction of some of my beloved 90s cartoons.
...So it goes.

This especially struck me hard today, because lately I have been feeling that time is just blazing forward and I have no control over it. Which is the case, but it sucks.

I tend to spend too much time in the past.


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