RP Digest #2

RP Digest #2

Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

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Huzzah! But I am surprised that there are so few entries. Oh well, keep it up and I am sure more people will start posting updates.

Hurrah! I got me a double mention.

A lot of great entries. I'm particularly happy about the Bioshock RP one. I'm suprised that little bit about my character and Scott plotting against the rest got in considering it was only really revealed last night.

No mention of Temujin!? Scamola smash!


...Ramthundar didn't send in a summary again, did he. Grrr...MONKEY NINJA GO SMASH NOW!

If a summary got sent, it was included. I didn't leave anybody out, so if you don't see your favorite RP here, you know who to blame. ;)

yay! Survivors was included =D I thought Wilf was gonna wait till he got back from holiday, but yay all the same :P


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