Review: Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled

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Are you joking?

I think we're all forgetting that all the turtles are cool, by proxy of Vanilla Ice:

(Don is still the best though.)

Ahh vanilla ice, so surprising he was never a huge hit.

OT; When I first saw the shredder point of view fight it actually took me a few moments to adjust to what i was seeing, so it's a shame to see this game will be without it.

Oh and it was all about Leonardo, the dude had two swords. (and not the slightly less awesome two sai blades)

I think it is hard for developers to make a remake of a classic. People will either complain that it feels really old, or that it is too different from the original. The controls for example. He complained about the simple controls. Well the controls WERE simple originally. If I remember correctly, when I was playing the snes version you only had a single button for attack. Now there is two. It is weird that they did a remake of the arcade version? I don't see why they didn't try doing the snes version, but with four players (two players is still the best though). On any remake, people will compare it to the original, base it's quality over that. I think more people need to base it's quality for what it is, not what it's source is. Now, it isn't an amazing game, but I thought it still was fun.

BTW Donatello is the best.

I'm looking at that video supplement, and I'm not really seeing much of what I liked about the original game in there. The different jump moves, the sliding if you dashed and pressed jump... It looks a lot more standard than it originally was. Yes, there's an extra button to attack, but you had more than 2 attacks in the original.

The Turtles themselves seem to be based of the more modern version of them, which is already something I hold against them.

Anybody whos anybody knows that donatello is the best pick in Turtles in Time. You just obviously didn't play the game enough if you think otherwise because yeah it isn't a contest.

Well said, Donatello had the best range of all characters in pretty much all of the Turtle games.

dalek sec:

Michelangelo all the way, he knew the true value of a good Pizza. Also, if they did ever bring back the X-Men arcade game, dibs on Nightcrawler.

Yes all the way with Michelangelo, I kicked so much ass with him as a kid at the arcade. And I too would kill to have the X-men arcade game brought back, just fix the engrinlish(sp) errors the first one had and it should be good to go.


Personally i always fancied Michaelangelo...

Sucks that they left those few cool things out, but hey this game is like the watchmen movie. Just a piece by piece remake leaving out some important stuff for no apparent reason. Ill get around to getting this, play a little nostalgia powered afternoon with friends.

Dude, twins swords, Leo all the way. Oh how did nunchaku beat swords for damage anyway? I miss the 2-D side scroller.

i thought about getting this but after hearing that they cut the shredder level i just decided i would rather play it on my snes. since i still have it and that if i wanted to be nostalgic i could argue with my brother who gets the unbroken controller and that leonardo is the best turtle (he is) and play duel mode

I'm sorry, but I will have to disagree with you. Leonardo is the best ninja turtle, Donatello runs a close second.

They changed too many things in this game. It's just not as good.

So let me get this straight, it's a remake with LESS content than the original? ...Why not just get the actual Cartridge? Or get the arcade port that was on that TMNT game as a bonus? I'm sticking to my Genesis/Mega Drive version. I could see it being worth it if they had EXTRA content, extended levels, more bosses, more attacks, play as bosses or whatever else you could think up (not ALL of that just you know ...some), but less content? I'll be going to and getting the cartrige.

Donatello was the best.


No Technodrome? Changed boss fights? Difficult controls?

Hmm, I guess this isn't a must-buy for me after all. :-(

And I would have bought just the SNES version straight up too. Oh well.

Sounds like they ripped the Arcade version of the game rather than the SNES one. If that's the case I'll stick to the old one I know and love. I still think the music kicks ass in these games though. So many memories. :)

Sorry your wrong michaelangelo was the coolest!

its true donatello is the coolest. the game isnt very good though

Let me get this straight... They remade an old 90's arcade/console game that we all know and love. They remade the graphics and did nothing to add in gameplay mechanics. Instead we actually loose two levels for what? This has to be one of the cardinal sins for remaking a game. You never remove old content from a game when remaking it. Who in their right mind would think that is a good idea? I see no excuse as to why you would want to do that.

To hell with this, I am going back to my SNES and play TMNT IV with more content then the remake.

Bah, Raphael is easily the coolest. But I have to give some points to Mikey as well, for being a comic relief character who was actually funny.

The reviewer made a fatal mistake while reviewing this game. This IS NOT the remake of the SNES Turtles in Time game. It is a remake of the ORIGINAL ARCADE version the SNES version is based off. The Arcade version actually allowed 4 Players; thus, that is not a new function, but it did not have the Technodrome level or the extra bosses. Those were added later into the SNES version.

The reviewer also mistakenly called the Shredder Robot Boss the final boss instead of a mid-game boss, which makes me wonder if he actually knows anything about the game in the first place and isn't just being paid to read a script (poorly, I might add). Why do all these corporations actually think they can get away with half-assed information dealing with topics and videogames the majority of players didn't just play, but GREW UP with?

So in actuality, they didn't remove anything from the game. They accidentally made us think it was a different version that happened to have more content. I think he, along with just about everyone else, made the mistake of thinking this was a remake of the SNES version, not the arcade. In all honesty, I'm willing to bet the vast majority of people didn't even know there was an arcade version, which was a huge mistake on Ubisoft when they decided which version to make. I'm quite positive 90% of everyone who has played this was exposed to the SNES remixed version, not the original arcade. 'Tis a shame too, the SNES version was actually better, oddly enough. O__o

Why did they remake a remake! its the same mistake the film companies are making!

I considered getting this, but seeing this review I'm glad I didn't buy this remake.
The nixing of the good boss fights and levels sealed the deal. I don't care about the Arcade version; If the SNES version was unarguably better, then why not use that one? (Probably issues with liciencing from Konami to Ubisoft, but that's not good enough of an excuse.)

Plus I expect a remake to have MORE content, not less. I would have forgiven the nixing of familure levels if Ubisoft created entirely new ones. And even if you just hold to the Acarde version, standard, the only updates you get are the graphics. I'm going to need more than that for a 1200 point remake. Make the price cheeper then I'm cool.

I played the trial also. The graphics are updated are ok, but the music just didn't sound right to me. The SNES version had crisp and dramatic tones. The new version just seems to muffle that, and that's what I liked the most about the SNES version.

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