Review: Ben There, Dan That

Review: Ben There, Dan That

If using a mini-Death Star to fry a dinosaur or traveling through the rear end of a cow sounds like fun, Ben There, Dan That! may be the game for you.

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Unfortunately, in my review there doesn't appear to be a link to the Zombie Cow website where the game is freely available to download. Until I've had the review altered, you can follow this link instead. Apologies for the oversight.

All sorted, thankfully. Sorry if you previously wanted to grab the game and didn't know how to!

This actually looks like something I would enjoy quite a bit. I might give it a look.

I have this game. I actually cant beat it. The person who made it made it so EVEREYTHNING has a different response so you can never tell if your on the right path.

There is a twisted logic behind every puzzle. As with games of this type, you just need to get into the right mindframe. It's similar to the 'monkey wrench' in Monkey Island 2, just with a dead man's hand.

I'd be happy to give you a gentle push in the right direction - what part are you stuck at?

I've only read the first four paragraphs and although I have heard alot about this game for a while now, you have just convinced me to try it. I will have to read the rest of your review after I complete the game though.

Also if you have never played Beneath a Steel Sky I highly recommend it, its a well made, humorous adventure game and best of all its free.

Congratulations on getting your article featured!

How fun. And damn is it one of those annoying adventures, too. It really does need sound, though.

I really loved this game and its sequel. It's incredible how many little jokes they managed to put in there as a response on the strangest actions. Just try talking or using Dan with any random object and you'll get a specific response.

played this game loooooooooooong ago. normally i dont really like playing point and click adventure games because of the strict linearity. this game has this aspect but i forgave it and played to the end because of the humor. its actually funny and surprising. download it its pretty good and free.

Download link is now included in the actual review. Sorry about that, but it wasn't my fault - honest!

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Congratulations on getting your article featured!

Thanks! The first of many, hopefully.

Sounds like a fun game, I'll give it a try...downloading it right now. Thanks!!!
Hoping to see more reviews like this one.


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