Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Silent Hill 2.

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I feel a bit disappointed with this review...
But hey - yes PSone had some nice graphics and the games atmosphere was good enough to s*ucker me in when i tried it the first time..
"Jaaaaammmesss" <- he likes him, probably

probably next review is something common with "wolfs" and "stones"

Trigonometry for a face...nice Yahtzee, keep it up.

I actually "Wtf"'d outloud at the dolphin part. O_O

"Maybe I like Silent Hill because it reminds me of where my parents used to take me on holiday" LOLOLOLOL

Wow, i didnt knew about the psychological test on the next silent hill, now im interested.

"fucking a dolphin"

I lol'd at those two moments

I need to play silent hill 2

You have been so much talking about this game that this review is a welcome one.
I remember playing this game with a friend (well in fact he was the one playing) and it is a very good game. What I like about this game is the atmosphere and all the inspiration they had for doing such a game. Let me say that you need to see the movie "Jacob's Ladder" after playing Silent Hill, you will see a lot of inspiration from this movie.

I really need to play this game..

I'm surprised it took this long for him to pull out SH2. I thought he'd have done it sooner.

Good review all around.

Hmm and now I know what the game is about. Thanks yahtzee, it might be looking into some time

"I hate being a boat!!!" GOD I love Yahtzee :D

Cool intersting

Hmm, interesting. After the thief and PoP retrospectives, I wondered if he'd ever do one for Silent Hill 2.

I really should go back and play this now. If the atmosphere is as freaky and blubber-like as he says, it sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

Was there any particular reason James was always Jaaaaaaaames?

I agree with Ben in this one - I like how the Silent Hill series' main character is the town. It's a unique approach to storytelling, not like anything else I've seen.

EDIT: Monumental lols at the boat at 03:57

Suiseiseki IRL:
I'm surprised it took this long for him to pull out SH2. I'd thought he'd have done it sooner.

Good review all around.

Same here, I thought he was going to pull it out on EP. 100.

I'm a bit suprised he reviewed this game. but it still makes sense, seeing as it has something original to talk about.

I really need to own a copy of this game. He's talked about it more than Psychonauts, and I picked that one up after my fingers had healed from being savaged at Yahtzee's hateful command.

"fucking a burning dolphin"
He should do more reviews of older games. To me it's a little boring but I'm not much of a horror gamer, but it's the kind of scary that doesn't frighten at first, but then keeps me up at night.

Nice to see him defending something rather than just mocking, makes a slight change I felt needed with these "reviews".

Ahh, another game from a simpler time. A time before online gaming and before the word NOOB...I think.

hmm. i have been experiencing a lack of anything that truly messes with your head quite like you say this does, yahtzee. i'll have to look into it.

geez.. it's about time. i need to find that game again...

and falling down the stairs makes me burp too...

Fucking a burning dolphin. XD

Anyway it was a superb review and I may have to play SH2 now (I own the game but never played it on account of me being a pansy).

Finally a SH2 review!!

This game gave me a sensation of uneasiness so bad that i played it no more than an hour.
True story...

Really didn't expect Silent Hill 2 to be reviewed this week, but nonetheless it was funny. The "Fucking a burning dolphin," part was kinda...odd.

Anyway, good one, keep it up.

"Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames," hilarious!

Ehh. To be honest I never thought it was that good. It isn't because of the combat, it's simply I have too much distance from James as a character. I wouldn't be whining about some dead lady, and certainly not afraid because, well, games don't scare me. What I'd be doing is beating the shit out of everything and having an alright time doing it.

His summing up of Pyramid Head was definately one of the best bits.

Not surprised he reviwed an older game though; there's not much that's come out recently.

i feel its a little strange for a critic to review a game that everyone who are the least bit interested in playing already bought, if not around release then when they saw it in a 2 dollar bin and those who haven't played it by now wont.

its a waste of time and its only interesting for those not interested in games but just wanna hear some kinda game related humor.

also; ZOMG GZ!! to that guy who got first post and im sorry for the two others getting suspended without getting the glory of being first.

edit : quote of the day - Alzabane "shut the fuck up ... (no offence to be taken from this post)"

Hell yeah, I was waiting for that one. Greatest game of all time, no doubt about it.
I must've played it a dozen times since it was released and it just never gets old.
So, great review of an even greater game.

I agree with Ben in this one - I like how the Silent Hill series' main character is the town. It's a unique approach to storytelling, not like anything else I've seen.

True. Usually when the main character is an inanimate object, or in this case a place, there isn't much that the writers can do with it. It's nice to see different concepts, back from the times when games were normally original.

Yep, once more Summer has no line up of major releases like the Winter/late Autumn and Spring period. For me in 2009 it's Batman: Arkham Asylum (one I MUST see a ZP review of) and in 2007 it was Bioshock... nothing springs to mind for 2008 though.

Never played a Silent Hill game but I do like the genre (yes Yahtzee, the "real" ones and the ones you consider actions games). Surprised I haven't tried it out yet, I'm always up for playing old games. Heck I just had a Wolfenstein 3D marathon today lol!

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