Review: Little King's Story

Review: Little King's Story

Who says cute visuals and deep gameplay can't coexist?

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Should probably be pointed out that despite the mentions of the Wii controller it's not a fault of the controller, the game has been repeatedly criticised for using only button controls and ignoring the pointer completely, especially when Pikmin 2 has already been re-released with proper Wii controls.

Glad to see Little King's Story get a look. Its quite a good game, even if I could never get my harem to do my sexual bidding.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll start to forget that there's no IR pointer action. Sending your guys at targets gets a lot easier with practice. Unless the target is a tree. Damn you, trees!!

Very good review I agree with heartily. I haven't even completed the game yet, still doing silly quests. Yes, they could have done a few things better, but hopefully they'll learn from that mistake and if they do something like it again, they'll know what to do. Also, I had a few problems keeping my guys out of harm's way. As they follow behind or around you, the monster you dodged may get a good mouthful of the soldier standing right behind you. Still, very fun game, gald I bought it.


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