Unforgotten Realms: Episode 44: A "New" Quest

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Episode 44: A "New" Quest

The Professor teleports and Schmoopy lands on his head, yet again.

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Wooh a new ep :D!

Fantastic as always!


Fuck yes Gary's back!

What happened to last week's episode? I was kind of expecting something a bit better than this after waiting two weeks. You'd better be going somewhere good with this because I'm honestly starting to get tired of this show.

Gutted that there's not more to watch after a two week gap, but at least the episode was decent.

Nice one

The music for Gary's re-entry is the most kick-ass thing I've ever heard.

And yay for the re-introduction of old plot devices!

So is it supposed to be suspicious that Gaary somehow appeared in the past and found the party, or is this one of those 'don't question it, you fanboy' kind of things? : /

EDIT: Okay, people really seem to love quoting my moment of forgetfulness(stupidity). Edited to make sense now.

I think Gary might be Nadar in disguise. I've just got a feeling....

I thought it was the town of Moonwell Pass or something....

Gary always is involved with good music

yaaaaaaay new episode.

so they need to go to the moon. *rubs beard*

decent episode, had to skip 2/5 of the "episode" just to get to the actual episode, since there was no update last week i was hoping for a longer run, but oh well.

Is it just me, or does Gary's surprise reappearance seem suspicious. I think there's about a 15% chance of Gary being Nader in disguise.

I dunno. All I know is that when characters go away for a few episodes, it never turns out well for somebody.

Hurray! Gary is back!

Gary always is involved with good music

You are correct.

It's just that this time it was better than ever.

Nice episode, I look forward to the next part of the story. ( I have never watched Harry Potter or read the books, so some of the jokes might have went over my head.)

Too bad that the episode was only 4 minutes when you take out the intro and outro though. Oh well, maybe Rob's wife made him paint the house or something and he didn't have much time. I've been THERE before :)

Like a couple others I'm kinda suspicious of Gary's reappearance but the episode was funny so it's ok ... for now

Nice,the Dragon Warrior can destroy the undestroyable, but whats with the old armour. does he equip them or something.

I'm not sure what his real name is. He only goes by one name The Blacksmith XD. I hope these episodes never end.

these episodes keep getting shorter this make me a sad panda

these episodes keep getting shorter this make me a sad panda

sad panda indeed! after two weeks i was hoping for something longer than 5 minutes. No! you CANT take a vacation!

good ep rob and back to the good ol' questing xD! and that must be gary as nada did not know about gary's and roamin's time bet.

I was hoping for a longer episode this time, but oh well. It continues the story at least. Maybe Rob is undergoing intense stress.

finally a quest, wasn't it moonwell pass, anyway, gary's back, finally good ol traveling and stuff, now just roaming back and i'm in UR heaven, good old UR heaven. (BTW ,does anyone have a gary/arbiter avatar, or can somebody make one?)

Schmoopy has become a lot more serious lately.

As long as that Hogwatts crap is done with. I'd like to see where this is going.

great episode :p, but do you have an explanation as to why their was no episode last week?

Really really funny as usual lol its just the kind of humor i'm into.

As long as that Hogwatts crap is done with. I'd like to see where this is going.

Agreed. I was getting pretty tired of the whole Harry Potter thing. Oh well. I'm really looking forward to the next episode. Go Shmoopy!

this next episode is going to be the seventh harry potter were there questing to destroy the gems

Woooooooooh Gaaaarrryyyyy and good ep

So no metal or stone can destroy the gems, but doesn't Gaary have a laser/energy sword? They could try using that, sounds a lot easier than going to the moon :P

Why are people confused about Gary in the past? I thought he was already in the past. Or am I forgetting something?

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