Doomsday Arcade: Episode 17

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Episode 17

This week on Doomsday Arcade Lund and Shanks get attacked by a wild pikachu.

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We still have creepylund =(

I know a lottttttttt of people that will happy where this episode went though.
Shhhh shh shh

geez that was freaky.

im loving this show more and more for each episode.

shhhh shhhh shhh.

I love this episode

wizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!! it's super effective!!!! two of my favorite quotes ever now. thank you Doomsday Arcade!

Brilliant episode, very funny.

"Shanks used Tail Whip. But the attack was ineffective!"

Childhood pokemon memories :)

Loved what Shanks did to Pikachu.. That little bastard deserved it.

Wasn't too fond of all the video effects and cuts on this one. It's ok to have a shot that doesn't change for 5 seconds.

it seems gfya has come in use there.

Great episode but i do miss mario :(

That was absolutely tremendous. Loved the part when Pikachu got knifed :P.

wahaha that was one of the best episodes by far, absolutely fantastic :P

HA, that was epic. As soon as he said tall grass i burst out laughing i knew exactly what was coming. Way better then the last one keep it up.

Ha! That was great.

"It's super effective!"

Man, that was a good episode.

Well, I seem to have the perfect show for those with ADHD.

But seriously, that was hilarious. Pikachu's fate was the single best thing I've seen all week.

always super effective.

awesome as always

Japenese games can give me seizures too

I thought it had been cancelled for a moment there but then it is all good-
OT: That was excellent. I see some of the Alex Mercer episodes violence has been implemented here. For some twisted reason I really like it when that happens. Its so randomly extreme that it makes me giggle. But in a manly non-girly way or coarse. Because that would be wrong. Ah whatever good episode!

that was another damn fine episode.
exemplary as always.

Nice, a Saving Private Ryan reference.

And apparently Shanks is lightning-proof thanks to his Mercer meal o_O

That was a bit...disturbing with pikachu, but lets move on...poor bastard. I remember reading from somewhere that some episodes of pokemon were actually banned, because they caused seizures to people. I guess they were right in doing so.

Also, this episode brings back many memories of the pokemon games. Damn tall grass, there were always beast lurking there, ready to lunge at you. :D

Anyway, funny stuff you have here, keep it up. This show entertains me greatly.

Haha, that was great!

The ending was hilarious!

The was proably the single greatest episode I have ever seen!

"did you know that the geological make-up of this region exemplefies (parely?)of protozoic mineral formations?....MWAHAHAHAHA"

lol that was the best part

Roamin 11 said that shanks may have Alex Mercers powers, I hope thats the case

awesome episode... MORE!!

Too short, still a good episode though, I lol'd. I hope next episode is longer though.

Dude really, this is fucking awesome and totally sick, that's because I love it^^

"Say good bye to your defence bitch!"


I think episode 9 is the best episode so far, what do you think?

Best episode in a while. Very funny stuff. The seizures were the best.


I think episode 9 is the best episode so far, what do you think?

The first one is still my favourite.

Dude, that just ain't right! XD

Great!!! I've always wanted to see that happen to Pikachu. Or any pokemon for that matter.

Metapods make me harden

That one was so hilarious :D

Loved the episode though it's too bad it was so short :(


This was so awesome, I haven't even seen this one yet but in the last one I pointed out that there was no signs of pokemon, so now I'm all wow. Can't wait to watch it when I do my business....

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