Doomsday Arcade: Episode 17

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That was a great one.

holy crap mega punch

Wow, they finally showed the skills which gave their group the name GFYA.


I can't believe I've never watched Doomsday Arcade. That was the best thing ever.

"Oh, I'm just heading over to this tall grass to go think."

I clicked the link because I saw a Pikaplushie, so I knew exactly what was coming then. So awesome. <333

LMFAO that episode has got to be the best thus far. As a matter of fact I would love to see a series of Lund and Shanks dealing with the fact that their in a POKemon game. A short series though because after a while it might get tiring unless they can make it interesting. lol but honestly AWESOME episode.

Is it just me or has Lund lost weight?

That was brütal, SHanks...and I laughed all the way through.
"I mean, I'm getting my mind back."
"Oh yeah? Prove it."
"Ok, then."+

Oh god...You've just destroyed my childhood.

nice work shanks funny as

That was fucking awesome and bloody brilliant.
Poker Mon scene was great and I loved the Legend of Zelda reference (is it? I remember wizards like that popping up out of their hats in OoS)

Get it? Poka Mon? Get it? Jamaican... and the...

I actually found that funny.

Wizards? Could someone explain the reference there.

oh hey guys

So quickly...

Damn, 4chan. You're quick.

Loved what Shanks did to Pikachu.. That little bastard deserved it.

Wasn't too fond of all the video effects and cuts on this one. It's ok to have a shot that doesn't change for 5 seconds.

I think they were paradoying the actual pokemon cartoons, hence the part where they have fits.


oh hey guys

So quickly...

Damn, 4chan. You're quick.

For reference im not ALL of 4chan :P

I've got a hunch that the resistance somehow involves the resistance game series made by Insomniac (chimera and all that).

Nice episode.

SHANKS used Mega-Fist! It's super effective!

That was overkill on Pikachu.

Lol, "Metapods make me harden!"

I'd love to get to know what's with "Wizards" like the person that posted a little above me.

Don't make eye contact XD

Nice, a Saving Private Ryan reference.

I know right! My mind when straight to that scene when he's going "shhhhhh shhhhhhh shhhhhhhh" I cracked up severely XD

lol epic episode it was super effective on me =P

Completly awsome episode, You could probably make a t-shirt out of "Its super effective!"

i really dont normally critisice video as, who are we plebs to judge people actually making them but, i didnt like the "next week" i like it as a suprise... this could just be me though

Other than that.... Shhhh shhhhh shhh....

I was thinking, "Eh, this episode was alright," up until Shanks shanked stabbed Pikachu. I was both appalled, and yet strangely satisfied after that.
Good episode as always.

I WAS EATING. Chocolate doughnuts. I almost barfed. I was not expecting mega-fist.

Looks like someone wants a copy of Pokemon: Blood Red...

Where the hell was the final fantasy victory song after he fisted pikachu ? FAIL !

OMG, can someone get me a clip or an avvie of Shanks killing that was awesome xD


Stab stab stab shhhhhhhhh.



But good video anyway.
What was the deal with the wizards though.

Sweet knifing action! Pikachu got seriously fucked up and it was super effective. Shanks for the win.

Meh, there was quite a lot of original and witty writing in the first few episodes, the Fallout VATS sequence and the command console sequence being two of the most notable. Now it just seems like they are running out of ideas at the same rate as motivation. Now it's just more and needless dialogue and more cliche'd jokes.

On the upside though, interesting to come here and see someone with an 'National Socialist German Workers' Party/Azumanga Daioh' avatar say "Dude, that just ain't right!"

Haha they got epileptic fits from the battle flashes XD

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