Apocalypse Lane: Episode 15: Dinner with Frank

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Episode 15: Dinner with Frank

The boys from the lane are lying low with Frank, but the Gamerz won't give up that easily.

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great episode :P

HAHA! I was wondering if Frank would show up after I saw the poker night episode.

Oh dear god. That was epic. Frank may be the best character yet I think, though him and his....daughter? are completely random!

That was fantastic.

Now I'm hungry for a burrito.

I'm shocked that Frank appears to be a Kobold. I'm guessing he was a human before the end of the world due to assuming that Cuddles, Gulliver and the rabbit could only talk because of the radiation.

Frank = Post apocalypse Gieco Gecko....

I had no idea Hickey and Stinky were separate... thats odd

And We finally get to meet Knifefight!!

Epic Episode!

Armored Prayer:
That was fantastic.

Now I'm hungry for a burrito.

me too! in fact i'd love to have a dinner party with freaks because of the genius of this.

and so not to spoil it for others I'll spoilify my next comment in my own way
OH my god, I can't believe that ______ is a _____ and when the _____ before the gamers hired _________

I almost ___ myself seeing that

Huzzah! Knifefight!

And props for Kenny Loggins reference. :P

One of the best episodes I guess. 2 new characters(3 if you would include the "I am ashamed, papi" guy) are introduced and has a good story progression. If you would've noticed, the 2 new talking characters were earlier mentioned in the episode "poker night".

I shit bricks from amazement every episode!

wow...the plot thickens...apparently :P

That's Frank? Interesting... and I'm not sure anyone would have predicted the look of him. Well the look at least, the high class camp attitude makes sense however... but then again I not sure why he sounds like a odd sounding British-esc person... erm... forgot it nothing makes sense and that's why we love it haha!

Another great episode and screw the haters!

Ooooh the plot thickens.
I can't help feeling like the plot is going to reach a natural conclusion soon and the show will have to either end or suck. Hopefully that won't happen.

I wasn't expecting that. Tremendous plot-thickener.

Story is getting really good now but yes Im loving the series and loved Franks Lines. Great.

I would miss my Mr.Biscuts if he was stolen..

Frank reminded me of the "compare the meerkat" adverts. I was expecting him to say 'simples' any moment...

loved the ending... just thought "oooooh snap!" when that popped up, nice stuff! :P

haha somehow I knew when frank was brought up Knifefight would come a runnin' too

I love Frank, one of the best characters by far.
Even better than Bloodface... :)

Actually want to see what happens now instead of wait. :(

Well what I want to know is, why a sock can talk, and how did it get grafted on to hickey.

Is...is frank a lizard?

i love these, they keep getting better and better!

Frank is the perfect "overly perverted rich guy" character. Great to actually see that guy after the Poker Night episode.

Oh man, Knifefight shows up! This could be interesting... And Frank's a great character too; I agree with Cuddles's assessment!

I should've known Knifefight would show up eventually, I wonder what Steve is going to think of all of this. Fantastic series guys, a lot of people were skeptical about this series but you've really pulled through, great job.

oh man, i must applaud your ability to make every episode better than the last one (and thats not an back handed compliment ive enjoyed every episode) and the singing made me even more interested in the whole deal whit hickey and stinkey, hoping for an origin episode.

Huh... by the looks on their faces, Steve Marty and Cuddles had no idea that Hicky and Stinky were two different people. That's just crazy, did they just thing that those times when Stinky talked while Hicky was sleeping, Hicky was faking it?

If not, then they must be shocked at their singing prowess. Still, Frank and even Knifefight couldn't top Hicky and Stinky, I'm not getting over that. We need to see a flashback episode of the whole event at some point.

But, Frank was one hilarious aristocratic ass. And Knifefight... Oh God, the stories that will arise from this!

Maaaaaaaan, Im enjoying this so much more than the childish and boring unforgotten realms. Keep hem coming! :)

I love Frank, one of the best characters by far.
Even better than Bloodface

BLASPHEMY! No one is better than Bloodface!
Loved them singing, BTW. "Highway to the Dnager Zone. Ride into the Danger Zone."

I was cracking up when they spoke together i need to know more about him. :)

This was me throughout the episode. O.O
Frank (aka geico lizard): O.O
The Reverend performance: O.O 'Stinky is Vampire Hunter D!! AAAA!!'
And finally Knifefight: O.O
Luv it.

the sad thing is I can explain exactly what hickey and stinky are. Stinky is a living growth on hickey's hand much like Steve's shoulder growth but I'm guessing Stinky is self-conscious about the way he looks and enjoys being covered by a sock.
There was an episode of tales from the crypt with a similar plot.

Frank has an epicly hawt accent <3

Epic win episode, as always :D

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