218: I Won't Budget an Inch

I Won't Budget an Inch

Parents typically have a duty to exemplify the qualities of patience, thrift and responsibility to their children - even if that means smuggling in new game releases by the cover of night. Sean Sands explains how the recessions has - or hasn't - affected his game-buying habits.

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Really enjoyed your article. But beware, your kid will wise up sooner than you think...

Video games are still one of the cheapest forms of recreation. You have to have some sort of outlet in life or you can become depressed quickly.

enjoyed your article but i have to ask, cant you just let your kids play the games you buy?, when my little brother started to take interest in games i started brainwashing him and forcing my good taste on to him, he started whit fifa but now hes on my side and even though we only see each other once a month we still share a bond in games, we play and chat and when Christmas comes around i can just give him some of my old games because i know we have the same taste and that he will love them too, thus im saving money and im still a better sibling than my sister.

As a Minnesotan I personally take offense to your Campbell's soup reference...

...actually that's completely spot on. I read that twice and had a good laugh. This article pretty much sums up my game buying and life experiences.

I find myself buying less at retail, but more susceptible to the impulse purchase on Live using Microsoft Spacebucks these days. I suppose I really shouldn't load up 5000 points at a time since you don't save anything by buying in bulk, but it's nice to have a little cache of currency that can ONLY be used for game stuff.

Needless to say, the cache rarely lasts long.

Also I donated $50 to the most excellent website www.gamerswithjobs.com today.

Thing is, this isn't true in Australia.

Goddamn "minor-country" bullshit.

If I ever have to hide the fact I buy games for myself or care about 6 cents between two cans of food, please shoot me :/

Good article though, quite funny as well.

(by the way, you can't get a five-course meal at a French bistro, a bistro is a bar, not really a restaurant)

My general strategy to only rent games and, when buying one, buy a game that's at least two years old (and thus one quarter of the release price) has worked so far.

And here in Brazil brick-and-mortar stores are dead. Unless you're buying games directly from the importer you'll be paying double the price in taxes and mark-ups.

It sounds to me that the author has missed a thing much more fundamental than what he's trying to impart his children: he is free to spend, because he has what to spend, and that is because he earns. (Unless I'm mistaken.) There is no double standard in him buying whatever games he wants, and telling his children to save allowances or whatever to get a new game.

Watch out for your kid.
I remember me and my brother as younger and we outsmarted our parents pretty damn often, soon you'll find new saves on games you thought you had hidden.


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