The Escapist Show: Episode 45: Wolfenstein

Episode 45: Wolfenstein

Russ becomes Inglorious and we talk with id Software about Wolfenstein.

This week's musical guests:

Ian Dorsch - "Escapist Show Theme"
Frank Klepacki - "Brain Dead" and "Bring the Fight"

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No question about how they were able to fuck up so badly in the multiplayer part?

I kinda hated the game overall, I don't like being the supersoldier fighting other super soldiers UNLESS it's executed well (like Deus Ex and Halo CE)

Loving the Frank Klepacki music.

I strongly believe he's half the reason why the Command and Conquer games hold such a hallowed place in my gamer's psyche (for example, as soon as I heard the first few bars of Hell March in the 1st Red Alert 3 trailer, I wanted to play the game).

Wolfenstein looks OK, but I can't help but feel that I'm a little put off by the colour of the veil effect.
It's purely an aesthetic and completely petty reason, but there's something about it that doesn't sit right with me, that I can't quite place my finger on.

Oh god, attack of the bad blue screen!

Wash, rinse, repeat. Id seems to be mired in this cycle of games ... Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein. This looks good, but I'm kind of done with the whole genre. Time for something new (really new) from Id.

This game looks like what the makers of Duke Nukem Forever thought they were going to make....

It's quite a good game, actually. They messed the multiplayer up, however.

Yes, Wolfenstein looks interesting - though that black sun stuff reminds me a bit too much of Prey. I wonder if they will release a demo for it (does not seem too common nowadays though, so I'll only have the word of CanYouRunIt that my Laptop should handle it.

By the way, the link to Frank Klepacki's site doesn't work. You've mixed up the letters E and L in his last name.
And yes, Klepacki is one of the greatest game music composers ever. His (and Mendelson's) music has always been what's made me want to play Westwood games. There usually is other stuff that make me stay with the game, but the music is so awesome you just have to play the game to listen to the music in it's proper setting.

I actually enjoyed Wolfenstein. I went in with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised.

This is a bit off-topic but why are those zombies that you're killing not attacking you, but just crawling further along the tunnel walls?

Hahaha i love these guys' vids =)


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