Stolen Pixels #125: Sith in the House

Hah! Love the last bit!

I did chuckle, pretty good one!

That was a good strip Shamus.

Ha! that was pretty hilarious. Love the last bit.

I think out of all the series of strips this one is quickly becoming my favourite. Considering how high-quality they've all been, that's saying a lot. Thanks for the smiles Shamus!

And Chad Vader is one of the best things on YouTube.

I haven't seen Chad Vader in years! I wonder if they did any new episodes since then...

The Chad Vader joke was amazing.

heh heh. That made me crack a smile, good one. I miss the Left 4 Dead ones though.


Also, did I notice a small Futurama referance?

I chuckled, and I didn't even know about Chad Vader until I read the text at the side.

Tee hee. Funny as always.

The comedy is strong with this one.

This was the best Breen one so far.

Now I feel like watching Chad Vader again.

Ahhhhh. Episode III. Any reference to that is comic in a tragic way. Noooooooo

Wasn't this what happenned with flight of the oncords?

I like this new direction you've taken, I hope the random comics stay as a norm too, though.

I remember watching a show where Darth Vader was ranked the 1st most popular fictional villain in history, but it seems I was mistaken.

Oh I totally saw that last part coming.

You can even see the look of surprise on Vader's face in the next to the last. Quite amusing.

I so love Chad Vader! But Darth still kicks ass ;) And I don't think its Haydan's fault young Darth Vader sucks so very very much - I blame George "I still got it, honest, HONEST" Lucas and his woeful directing/writing.

I disagree. I vehemently hate Hayden Christensen and his terrible acting that destroyed the last two Star Wars movies for me. "AND I KILLED THEM...AND THE WOMEN...AND THE CHILDREN!"

Today was the first time I actually took a look at Stolen Pixels, but anyone who makes fun of Hayden is an instant friend in my book.

You just earned yourself a lifetime reader of your comic, sir.

Best. Punchline. EVER.


Haha, best comic in a while.

Hahaha, iron-fisted ruler of an intergalactic empire gets beaten down by graveyard-shift stoogey at the local grocery store.

Lord Krunk:
I haven't seen Chad Vader in years! I wonder if they did any new episodes since then...

Was the last one you saw the one where

didn't expect that twist, nice one Mr Young.

Wow. Breen is REALLY cruel...

I hadn't heard about Chad Vader until now, so that kinda ruined the last bit for me, but otherwise great work.



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