Doomsday Arcade: Episode 18

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Episode 18

Lund and Shanks face insurmountable odds against an army of wizards.

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God I love this series.

Although I didn't actually expect the wizards. I figured it was just a "NEXT TIME ON DOOMSDAY ARCADE" joke.


I found this better than the other recent episodes. Good thing too, I was getting close to giving up watching

avsum episode!! Keep it up guys ^^

Ha! Wizard holes and flaming dogs :P
Poor toad... but it's all good still :D
ahhh... nothing to do now.

loved the nickel joke.

Awesome video. The part with the wizard stopping time was hilarious.

Awesome video. The part with the wizard stopping time was hilarious.

Aye it was. I was like: "ARGH! I hate you internet for stopping the vi- oh, right."

I'm worried about the shortness and lack of progress in this episode.

Awesome 4+ minutes, nonetheless.

what the...huh?

Hmm...I sense a Toad-centric betrayal-related plot twist taking shape...

Thinking of you...

Gandalf <3

Hahahah, time-stopping wizard.
"Oh yeah? You and whose ar-... oh yeah." Awesome!
And Toad's about to explode...

Nice special effects on this one.

Hmm...I sense a Toad-centric betrayal-related plot twist taking shape...

Either that or he finds a way to destroy the resistance.

I waited two weeks for this?
Doomsday arcade is the best show on the escapist.

When the episode was other with only one good joke in the entire episode i was surprised since I expected so much more and waited eagerly for this episode.

Huge disappointment to my opinion, i hope he next one won't be as bad

Good episode!

I particularly liked the part with Toad.

That was a pretty good.

the evil voice sounds like Joker to me...maybe Arkham Asylum is coming up ^.-

George Palmer:
what the...huh?

Didn't you understand that Mario was taking his lifelong failure of never being able to keep his woman safe out on Toad? I mean, the symbolism is bleeding through the screen. Obviously Mario feels inferior, so in return he is making a mockery of Toad so he can make himself out to be a more powerful man. Behind his facade of bravado, Mario is really nothing more than an ideal he perpetuates himself to instill fear in others.

its probably the first time in this serie that I dont understand jack sh!t... Wizard in holes... toad badtrip... did he eat magic mushrooms or what... evil guy that, imo, sounded like the joker but its the toad...or... something.

Im really confused on this one.

Great episode guys.

"I can't let you pass."
"Why not?"
"Becuase behind me lies the land of RPGs"
*Dramatic pause*
"No way?" *Shanks dreams of Rocket Proppelled Gernades*

Total epicness.

my video actually paused at the pause part and that made me laugh so hard XD

Pretty good, but I sorta was expecting more. But then again, to take the time for doing this... yah, its better then what I can do. I do love the wizard part. Toad is gonna snap!

Wow crazy stuff. Not really heavy on jokes but it didn't need to be. Still quiet interesting. Especially that awkward Toad stuff. Hmm can't wait for the next one.

You got me on the freeze time bit. I was like "shit not agai..... what? Hahahah!"

Great episode!

neat show, though the end was... slightly confusing... my guess is Toad is gona RAAAAGE on Mario's and Luigi's arses next episode? :P

this episode made no sense! Whats with the wizards? And the laughing? And the dog...seriously, the fuck?

Nice Okami Ref.

"The way to the resistance is through these....wizards" Laughed at that but cant drag the reference from my memory banks. Little help?

also where does wizard holes come from pls

Didnt like lack of progression but good episode nonetheless

Hmm a looming deep voice beckoning lund and shanks and saying he isnt evil. I imagine he could be good. And toad will take his abuse in silent hatred.

I see no other outcome! :D

"What about that squadron of Jedi you sent to Bob Hosknins house?"

You guys...

That time freezing jokes genius....

you was serious about the wizzards, thats kinda a shame i thought it was a good random joke last episode. nonethenless still good, loved bob hosknins bit and more plot twists till come, i prefer it when its story heavy, it always has the more funnier jokes

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