Heroes of Might and Awesome!

So, currently almost the whole office here at The Escapist HQ is busy trying out the shiny new toy our compatriots over at TAP Interactive have been working on. It's a web game based off of Ubisoft's Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, and is addicting as hell.

Go check it out and see what you think. We're all proud of it, and looking forward to doing the magazine at the 11th hour due to the productivity hit.

http://www.heroesmini.com/ - Enjoy :)

Original Comment by: cibbuano
I love this browser-based game trend. Remake all those old classics in the browser!

Original Comment by: Lee Delarm
There's a list of decent BBGs at http://www.mpogd.com which is updated pretty often. It's not commercial stuff (for the most part) which is why I found this one so interesting to try out, see what kind of detail they could do compared to their business level counterparts.

For a first shot, it's not bad, no bugs, rather easy to use and it's somewhat addicting :) However I have seen better, but then again, some people have been doing this for a while.

Original Comment by: Aaron

I'm pretty sure addicting isn't a word, despite it's almost common usage status already. Not to be a party pooper or anything. :)

Original Comment by: Brian Easton



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