The Age of Hero

The Age of Hero

Before Champions was an MMOG, it was a tabletop game.

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For those curious to know more -- a lot more -- about the Champions tabletop RPG, check the lengthy thread "Let's Read the Big Blue Book" on the forum. It's a parashah-like section-by-section discussion of the 1988 4th Edition, known as the BBB for its bright blue George Perez cover. At this point the thread itself is longer than the original 1981 Champions first edition!

My "Rules Light" loving soul fears the Hero System. I'll stick with my M&M for my super hero gaming needs, and if I really want to I'll kitbash something using FATE.

I will stick with our own skewed (And more realistic) version of DnD thank you. (DnD where you can be Lawful good paladin, Chaotic good Paladin, chaotic evil paladin, Chaotic neutral Paladin, even a Paladin/Rouge as long as you follow the rules of the deity you choose)

I had no idea Champions had such a roller coaster existence. Personally, I want to like the game - I had a friend whose character sketches and anecdotes still get me fired up just thinking back on them. But it was too crunchy for my tastes - unlike Villains & Vigilantes, which I discovered first. Maybe if Champions had been my first superhero RPG discovery things would have turned out differently between us...

The closest I ever got to running Hero/Champions was a misguided campaign using the Fuzion system, a hybrid of Heroes and Cyberpunk 2020. I ended up going back to straight Cyberpunk.

That said, I'm still going to play Champions Online!

Ha... I used to be a Play Tester for Hero System in general and Champions Specifically.

thats insane


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