Stolen Pixels #128: Quotas

Stolen Pixels #128: Quotas

Shamus Young practices tough love.

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One of the best ones to date.

epic lolz

Wouldn't it just be humane to put them out of their missery, via "Falco Paaaauuunch!!!!!" ?

Plus yeah might get EXP for that...

Or Freezing everyone in place with a freeze ray. On fire? No worries. Dieing of poison? No worries Wait 'till the future.

All they are gonna do is try to bath in natural gas and have a smoke two minutes later...

While his nose looks fairly heroic, his chin could be much, much broader!


Nice one!

...America's health care system has gone to hell...

ahhh the life of a hero...

so true... so true... I can't think of one person who won't do that in an MMO


At least the civilians in City of Heroes have the decency to actually get attacked by exp-giving guys.

I genuinely laughed out loud at this one. So brilliant. So true.

Lift concrete off a citizen, you save him for a day; teach a citizen to lift concrete off ...oh, $#*@, who are we kidding....

For what it's worth, those rocks actually do loads of damage to a large area - I think I saved about 15-20 Civvys with my last character, just chucking rocks at Qulaar. I'm hoping this becomes a regular thing - It's nice to see comics about games I've played :P

EDIT - HOLY CRAP! I've just realised I've seen you running about! I mentioned it to my supergroup mates! In case I didn't send you the tell - Star on Chest, great name :D

Ever wonder why people wish to be superheroes? It's so they don't get ignored when their cries for help go unanswered.

I think of this all the time when I'm playing Champions Online :)

While his nose looks fairly heroic, his chin could be much, much broader!


Oh, god. The memories.

And now I think back to all the times Lois Lane got herself into trouble, requiring Superman to come save her. Now that I think about it, he should have just moved on.
Feel free to snicker at where he is sending her...

Oh my god a giant rock!

(in wow I felt bad for abandoning the tortured gorlocs in sholazar...)

Let the night lady get it XD

That was a really good one, love the link to your own site (shameless advertisement is they way to go)

Now see, that guy would be fine if he had just GRABBED SOME PEELS.

"No, I'm good. Thanks anyway."

:D It's like he thinks the whole gameworld revolves around him...

Actually you do get xp for saving citizens in Champions, at least the ones standing around being threatened by 2-4 baddies.

MMOs just suck. I see no reason why they couldn't just show different things to different players, but no, it has to spawn the same bag drowning puppies again and again. Anything you do in an MMO is meaningless. (well, more meaningless than any other type of game. it doesn't even pretend that what you did made a difference)


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