Review: Wolfenstein RPG (iPhone)

Review: Wolfenstein RPG (iPhone)

Wolfenstein RPG is everything you loved about the original, with chickens.

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I agree. This has, so far, been my favorite game on my ipod touch.

It seems like they just revamped their style on the Doom RPG for cell phones from a few years ago. Still, it looks good.

I'm still split between upgrading from my ipod video to a zune hd with high quality developers planning on making games, or an ipod touch with lot's of mediocre to crappy games (another plus is 64GB though).

Well they can't really complain about the animations, this game as actually been out for a while, I had it on my old Nokia [can't remember the model type] and also have it on my newer Nokia e63.

Although it is a bloody awesome game, I've pretty much completed it but can't get the bloody 100% destruction on the level where you fight the spy dude in the pit. Stupid explosive barrels and floating crates.


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