Unskippable: Prototype

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Graham and Paul follow a dead guy with super powers. Don't worry - he's just a Prototype.

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Good as usual. Love prototype.

All those poor faceless people. it's like they exist just to die.
oh... wait a second...
Another good Unskippable though :)
and... I'm not going to quote any of it here... that would just be over the top.

another great Unskippable from you guys.

"Got your head!" I lol'd at work. Great job!

they didn't say the 7th time i died when alex was in surgeory

The faceless people will be remembered....or not.

How dare you guys work on Rosh Hashanah!

"Got your head!" had to be the best line. I loved it, as usual.

Haha great Unskippable. I especially liked the bit talking about the kill team in the morgue.


You guys have been parodying good games lately... D:

A good game can still have ridiculous cutscenes. Prototype is a great game but it's pretty much entirely ridiculous.

not their funniest, but still pretty good for a game that is not that big on the story and cut scenes.

"and so ends Unskippables guys with weird arms trilogy"

There were a few times I thought it would end but it just kept on going, at one point I thought Hideo Kojima had a hand in this.

Pardon me for my noobishness, but who exactly was the third in the 'guys with weird arms trilogy'? Mercer and Dark Sector guy I know, but that last one...

Weird i was watching random Unskippable episodes and then i seen on the side "Unskippable: PROTOTYPE". Great stuff like always!

More Spaceballs references. I love it.

Wow, best unskippable episode in months, both in terms of how funny it was and how cool the game looks.

I loved the Koyaanisqatsi joke. There really aren't enough of those nowadays.

Great Unskippable. You want to miss judge those jumps.

Pardon me for my noobishness, but who exactly was the third in the 'guys with weird arms trilogy'? Mercer and Dark Sector guy I know, but that last one...

I assumed that they were referring to Wolverine.

I thought this was a real step up from the past few weeks, great work!

Fun stuff. Thanks.

Wait... guys with weird arms TRILOGY?
What the...

Anyways, great episode guys

"go go gaget spiky bits" I LOVED THAT Nicely done, can't wait for next monday

I'm going with Bionic Commando as the first in the guys with weird arms trilogy. Excellent one this week.


Prototype was a good game, but the story was crap.

um um um... I love eyeballs too XD There could be few jokes about how the plot doesn't make much sense or is unclear but it was good without it too :)

Ok here's a question. Why do they always start a cutscene, and then later in the cutscene flash back to some point before they started for no apparent reason? Why don't they just start there?

aww puppy dog eyes

I liked the gameplay of Prototype, but it's a testament to its bad cinematics that the first thought I had upon seeing the first cutscene was, This would make a good Unskippable. And I was right. Great job, guys.

Got your head!

I didn't notice anything but "guys with weird arms trilogy"... now that you mention it haha!

"Ah using the 'last boss of any Resident Evil game' strategy."

Yep that above quote is very true, I mean in Resident Evil 5 I saw a screenshot of killing the last boss with a knife to the heart but I never saw because of you know which weapon!

lol, what a dick!

great episode :D really loved the go go spikey hands

dark sector,MGS4 and prototype

are the weird arms trilogy

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