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The only issue I have right now is that when you're watching a video, and the ad for the series you're watching appears at the end. Anyway to fix that? I found out about this series from ZP having the ad at the end, so I'm not opposed to the ads, just when it appears somewhere pointless.

For some reason, I find this funny, but nothing is really sticking out for some reason. it's like this series is in some strange limbo for me. I know there will be lulz, but nothing is causing me to really lol.

Those are really cheap bananas...

The best thing since ZP

love love love it!!!!

Very glad to see the follow up episode exceeded expectations set by the first.

Yeah, Popcap is controlling mankind with those puzzle games. Awesome work guys and I too would cut a woman over such cheap bananna's.

Edit: No snark over gold farmers?

Lol, the Brutal Legend one was the best, also the wolfenstein one was pretty good. I'm really liking this new show.


Indeed it is, although I must question how logarithmic it actually is, any mathmeticians in the house?

I REALLY hope that Sean Baptiste was kidding. I can understand the quest for more money, but with past commercial jingles? That's...just stupid, though he may have something with playing as Bill Cosby.
Where do you get your bananas? Thirty nine cents a pound is a steal.

EDIT: I will dominate Twilight Scene-it!

I REALLY hope this is elaborate irony, I'm not going to criticise, for fear of mockery, but really. The mind boggles...

Indeed, the mind does boggle, even for one who has never played Boggle in his life. No one is safe in my mind, not even me...

Seriously, though, if this was true (though it is much more than likely not), that would be a major downturn in the Rock Band franchise.

How do the words "if this was/is true" even appear in posts in this forum? Everyone who posted those words should be sentenced to ONN for a month.

Great Video. I was enjoying it immensely and Jingles Rock Band (OMG, is that true, are they making a Jingles version!?!?!) put it over the top for me. Now I am gonna go back and watch the first (right after my month sentence at ONN of course).

I think we now have a new high quality addition to The EscapistĀ“s contents.

ENN, we welcome you with open arms.

"The Zune's american userbase - seen here eating out together"
HAAAA this is great stuff, keep it up!

It's a good new feature, only the interview was boooring..

I'm loving this!

Sean Baptiste's gravitas while suggesting that when pizza is on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime was utterly hilarious.

Gold. All of it.

I'd be sold on this show this week if I hadn't been since last week...

Love it. It's definitely right up there with Unskippable as the best things on this site :)

Hehehe I really like this new series. Definitely in there with Unskippable an ZP for my favourites.

Also I really want that German Wolfenstein game...

LOL, nice. Much funnier than I anticipated

This was very very funny. I loved the Rock Band Jingles interview. You really had me believing it was the real thing until he said Jingles. Very funny stuff, keep it up.

I. want. jingles. rock. band.
that would be EPIC.

Brilliant! I love this show =) "You would cut a lady over bananas too" awesome =P

sadly i have a sister that would play jingles rock band hell she all ready sings jingles for the hell of it

This once again proves that the escapist is the best website ever!

Very good episode only one thing was "wrong" too long interview. Or rather that length can be good, but it wasn't funny enough for that length, otherwise it was gold :)

PS:Pff, bejewled is nothing compared to Plants vs Zombies^^

Totally made my day so much better

I lol'd at the square enix joke

that was great this is my new favorite :D. are these always going to release on Wednesday?

The Twilight and Jingles Rock Band bits were just hilarious. I can't wait for more of these!

I thought it was hilarious, particularly the Harmonix interview. I'm sure it wasn't but if that was all ad libbed then I take my hat off to you.

I'm starting to like this series. It's like The Onion for video games.

Just seeing the curly haired dude in the couch makes me laugh, but I'd say the best in this episode was the ending.

That's Paul.

Things that are fact: That was indeed Sean Baptiste, and he works at Harmonix.
Things that are false: Jingles Rockband.

For those who were asking, the whole interview was improv. Sean's a really funny guy.

The Brutal Legend game in Japan joke is very true. I know the Americans get a lot of guff for supposedly being racist and narrow minded but I question that when compared to Japan. I mean if you look at US culture, they've actually got to one of the most open minded since theres plenty of aspects of theirs that has adopted from others.

I love this series so much <3

I believe that Graham and the Gang (Not a jazz band) are the first to create a second show on the Escapist. And it's bloody sweet!

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