Zero Punctuation: Darkest of Days

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Darkest of Days

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Darkest of Days.

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In contrast, I think youve improved through time Yahtz!
Is he going to review Creed 2?

You havent even watched it yet, how can you say that?
This video has been online for about 30 seconds...

This should be good.


I have to admit, regardless of this review, I'd still quite like darkest of looks like my kinda thing.

(Lol at the harp dispensing cat)

I played the demo and it seemed quite fun. Better go and buy it.

that was good!

Sounds like an alright game, lets just hope that the sequal has improvements. Good review YZ.

Lol, good stuff yahtzee. That however is what you get for putting faith in an fps. On the upside, perhaps a developer heard your idea for microwave gunning dudes in suits of armor.

Never heard of Darkest of Days, I want to play it now though!

Very funny. Sorry about your ass these days, Yahtzee.

"Harp Dispenser!"

hehe, very funny. pity though, this game looked good.

Cool, i liked the opening joke, i'm c ertainly not getting this though.

I like it when he reviews games by no name studios. It makes me feel like I am not only being entertained but also broadening my gaming horizons.

He was right, I didn't know anything about Darkest of Days. It was an overall good review but I'm afraid I'll have to wait until next week for him to give ODST a bollocking

dammit, complaining about 2 of my favorite things, Terminator:SCC and Rome:Total War ^^

Sweet, I wanted to see a review for this!

Video won't load.

Very funny. Always enjoyed time travel based games, even if things get a bit 'peanut-banana sandwich crazy' for a bit.

Very interesting ideas, but they seem to have taken the idea train to lose your mind central. Glad that it isn't another Halo wannabe, god we have enough of those. Though the cat that dispenses harps might be a good idea, take care of your enemies and hear the classic "piano falling" sound from Willie Coyote cartoons whenever you wish.

I was imagining ODST... I wanted to listen to him destroy it.. Meh.

Well the game premise does sounds like a good one. I'm surprised that nobody has really done it before (Or have they?) I might check out some gameplay clips to see what the animations are like after what he said.

A good review. It was actually surprisingly like a real game review which I quite liked

OMG i want a cat like that to!

A review by Yahtzee just isn't the same if you have to watch it twice because of all the bits you didn't hear because of laughing so hard. Fortunately, this is one of those videos where I did exactly that!

The idea for the game is awesome but there are so much flaws that they made the game in to a complete snore fest

Not a single laugh from me this episode, a few smiles but... I'm disappointed, Yahtzee is my weekday highlight, come home from work and watch Yahtzee, knowing it's only two more agonizing, soul destroying days until the weekend. But who actually cares? Keep em coming Yahtzee, you know we're all your bitches.

Hehe, I knew it!

Premise looked interesting, but execution is ass.

Huh, I've never heard of this. Your review confused me, it seemed as if you liked it and yet hated it as well.
I might buy it for the premise as well, but it will be a purchase I will have to make down the road.


Downloading demo, but from this only expecting a 3d duck hunt like alot of new single player FPSs.

Heh I liked that dig at that Terminator t.v show. I'm confused though, why the hell is it called Darkest of Days?

Never even heard of this game. Sounds like a cool idea though, maybe I'll pick it up in a bargain.

Stonkingly brilliant as usual by the way.



Hope this is a joke, otherwise it fails on too many levels to list.

Great review, keep it up

It's good to see reviews about games that aren't mainstream. My guess is that he won't review ODST because it's just an expansion pack.

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