Zero Punctuation: Darkest of Days

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I especially liked the opening, because I was wondering the exact same things (yes, all of them!) that Yahtzee mentioned.

Great review again. Now, I know Yahtzee oversimplifies things sometimes, so I have to ask this of anyone who's actually played this game: is Yahtzee right about only being able to travel between the Civil War and Russia? Because that just seems lazy to only have two available levels.

actually it sounds like a fine game if all those improvements yahtzee mentioned are in
and the opening joke was great
good review yahtzee

Well I had no idea about this game, but I doubt I would have picked it up (and after the review I'm sure of it). Seriously, if you've got a game about time travel, why the hell would you only stick to only 2 time periods? Plus a monologue ending that actually explains everything while in a small box? That's like Half-Life if G-man actually made sense (and that is probably a really bad idea since I'm guessing most people continue to follow the series only to find out what the hell is going on). I have to say I'm also tired of the enemies knowing exactly where you are when you're supposed to be getting the drop on them too, Yatzhee. Lastly, why do we still have voiceless main characters? Haven't we evolved past that (or are developers just deluded into thinking that they can recreate Gordon Freeman?)?! I will have to say though that it's an interesting premise and anytime you can completely screw the rules and break out modern/future weapons on historical enemies has to be a highlight for any game. Maybe when this goes bargin bin I'll see about it.

I can forgive a game a lot of issues if the idea is cool and interesting enough and it hasn't been beaten with a large slap of dead horse, *cough* Halo *sneeze* Gears of War *cough* Any WW2 game *splutter*, so I'm thinking of buying this.

I thought hed fuck this game up the ass like all other reviewers are...surprising, he liked it!!

What is the frequency with which it would dispense harps? Are they full-sized harps?

What I'm getting at here is, Is it possible to die of being trapped in a room that is quickly losing space to unwieldy giant instruments, once you get your wish. Something to consider.

I was half expecting Aion for some reason, or at least a comment about the queue. Oh well.

I think we'd all like a flying cat that dispenses harps.

I know I would.

True, one can never have enough harps or flying cats, so one that dispenses the other would be a general bonus to humanity.

Actually, I'm mainly here to say "coo, that new Escapist ident is getting around, in't it?".

Interesting. Definitely unexpected, but really there isn't much out there to review. I doubt he's going to review ODST, because if he didn't like Halo 3, there's little reason to believe that he'd like or even be impartial towards ODST.

Well this is one obscure game, but the idea is certainly promising. Too bad it wasn't as awesome as it could have been.

Although the review was still great. I cracked up at the Christian Bale part.

Am I the only person here who had a rich friend that owned a Virtural Boy, and by extension gets the joke? I mean yeah, at least Nintendo covered their asses with "Play in moderation" at the begining of a game, but be realistic. No kid is going to take a break every 10-20 min when they have a game in "real" 3-D.

Seriously though, Tetris was neat on it.

Oooh i've never sent an email reccomending a game to reveiw in my life but the first time i do it get's done. I know I had 0 influence on the decision but i'm just glad he did this one

I especially liked the opening, because I was wondering the exact same things (yes, all of them!) that Yahtzee mentioned.

Great review again. Now, I know Yahtzee oversimplifies things sometimes, so I have to ask this of anyone who's actually played this game: is Yahtzee right about only being able to travel between the Civil War and Russia? Because that just seems lazy to only have two available levels.

theres also a little pompeii thrown in, but yeah it's pretty much what he said

The game is a joke people. I've played the demo and it was bad, very bad. The graphics were shitty, the enemies could spot you through a dense corn field from 300yds away, the A.I. is so thick that other enemy soldiers don't notice you even as you murder their friends who are standing right next to them, and the game is filled with glitches and bugs and slowed down when things got busy. I'm surprised that Yahtzee didn't tear this game apart; X-Play certainly did, 1 out of 5.

there's my problem... self esteem.

I'm gonna go gussy up in front of a mirror now.

Yahtzee liking a shooter... Yeah right.

Nice try at pronouncing denouement, but it should be more French-sounding I think.

Sounds like a decent enough game, i might try it. Pretty good review, glad to see it wasn't Halo OTSD.

I got pulled into this game by the interesting sounding story, too... found myself underwhelmed but I still wistfully hope for a decent sequel.

Good video, Yahtzee.


In contrast, I think youve improved through time Yahtz!
Is he going to review Creed 2?

You havent even watched it yet, how can you say that?
This video has been online for about 30 seconds...

Really puzzling behaviour..And it happens with every episode.

OT: Didn't like this review much. Maybe it's just my mood.

Ok, if the Civil War had Klingons in it this game would've been a lot more interesting. Of coarse I think the same could be said for any war... History class too.

that was fun, I mean who doesn't like the idea of Time travel?
Kind of reminds me of an old 90's game where you where a time traveler and your two pieces of equipment where a time machine and a device that allowed you to copy anyone's appearance perfectly, and then you went around solving puzzles. The first mission was you had to make and bake clay pots and then put writing on the bottom for some reason. So you had to copy the Potter's appearance. but if they came back and caught you your disguise obviously failed.

Its just to bad I can't think of the title of said game.

i actually liked this game. its not without issues though.

im a little surprised to see Yahtzee review this though. its been reviewed much more ruthlessly by other people. kinda seems like Yahtzee its following the crowd. i cant think of one issue he had with the game that hasnt been pointed out before. i would at least hoped he brought something new to the table... i dont care if hes mean on the game. in fact thats normally why i watch him. i do care if hes just copy-pasting what reviewers are saying.

Didn't TimeSplitters already do the time-traveling FPS thing? Not to mention TimeSplitters was actually a good game.

From what I've seen in the trailer, mowing down Romain soldiers with machine gun would be a hoot. I could pretend I'm Jesus out for revenge. And this time it's personal.

Another unexpected review. I was looking forward to see Yahtzee bash this game (which he btw actually did) since it looked so horrible in GT:s review. But hey, it's on... oooh wait, it's just on the 360 and Steam. I heard that the developers didn't want it to be a shelf release.

Really? Everything I've seen/read/heard/thedemoiveplayed all point to the fact that this is a terrible game. The premise isn't even all that original when you consider time travel has been used again and again in games.

I don't see how you could find something like this monstrosity of a game remotely ok, yet bash shooters that are much better. Meh to each his own I guess.

*snipBut hey, it's on XBLA, so you can't expect pretty much from it.

No, it's a full $50 game. It isn't an arcade title...which makes it's crappyness even worse.

The premise of the game is VERY interesting but it's ruined by bad execution. If a big budget studio would make the sequel it could actually be a good game.

According to some dodgy psuedo-science I read a couple of years ago, the grandfather paradox is no longer the most popular theory for how time travel works. Rather, the multiple branching realities model is now the current theory, where if you travelled backward in time and killed your grandfather, two separate parallel realities would exist from that point on, one in which your grandfather lived and one in which he didn't. Then there was some stuff about travelling along Feynman Curves.

I think I may actually give this game a try!

PS - hey now, don't be so hard on RTS's. Rome Total War happens to be one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm not a middle manager and I don't even like spreadsheets. Have you played it? Just because you only like FPS's and old adventure games doesn't those are the only things that are fun.

All I can say is that Yahtzee needs to cut back on his coffee consumption. You talk to fast dude. In these days of hurry up and blow it off, Yahtzee is the king!

yep, definately a game with tons of potential.

Second time there's been a total war reference in the vids. yayness.

Time Splitters still ='s the best of time travel games(I guess if you can consider it one)

I liked it, while the last couple ones just had me smirking. I actually laughed out loud for this one

i heard about this at E3... seeemed good at the time. well off to bittorrent as MY XBOX RROD MODE JUST KCIKED IN.. WHOO HOOO!

still a microwave gun eh?


his videos are very good but there getting not as funny its just the same thing he should stop for like a month wait for some good games to come out then come back, watced every one about over 3 times

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