Review: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Review: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia:Final Fantasy: Play for the nostalgia, stay for the mind-blowing graphics.

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Alright, that's it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm buying that stupid game now.
Thanks for the great article. I can't wait to get my hands on this game and Omnislash the crap out of my opponents.

I was quite happy with the demo, just wasn't motivated enough to fork over the cash.

This game was nothing more than a cash in. I hated it.

I loved this game and was having an arguement before the game came out with my friend he was saying things about how I suck at fighting games and I do compared to him but this was different I beat him at a fighting game it felt awesome so I do agree this isnt just any fighting game and its true the story kinda sucked but I'm sure thats not what people got it for. great review already have the game.

Took me until "analog nub" to realise that this was a PSP game.

It was meh. Nothing special, in fact it was kinda broken at times and I thought the story was stupid.

okay im sold, this look epic, i want it noooowwww

Definitely getting this. The review certainly sold me.

I got this game, and I haven't regretted it. I'm finally finished with the story mode(s) and now having fun in the duel coliseum. The timer is at the 40ish hour mark. Definite value for money, and more fun than I'd thought it would be. Not a cash in, or if it is, it's a damn fun cash in.

That combat style sounds a lot like the one in Kingdom Hearts. Too bad I don't own a PSP. Too good I can force my mate to buy it :D

I want this game.
ill buy a psp just for This and Bleach: Heat of the Soul 6.

I have logged almost 300 hours into this game since launch day and it still hasn't gotten old, nor have I 100% it. This game went above and beyond just mere fan service, when you actually play it, the final fantasy aspect of it seems more like the icing on the cake to the games out right amazing game play. Yea, you don';t have to be an FF fan to have fun because the game play is this games crown jewel.

I was quite happy with the demo, just wasn't motivated enough to fork over the cash.

I'll tell you this, the demo out right sucks after fully experiencing the game. Hell it can even give you the wrong impression thinking the game is piss easy and whatnot. It's just there to show off the bare bones of the game play and arcade mode, the real game has so much content and customization that it puts some console games to shame.

I've been waiting for someone to review this for awhile and it's very well said, This is the one game i've been gushing over for 2 years and it didn't disappoint


*chalks up reason number 5 to get a PSP*

I love this game. It really deserved this review

Nice review, but I hated this game. I tried very hard to get into it, playing with all the characters. It was ok and if you really really really love final fantasy, then you will probably be quite content with it. But as a fighting game it just lacks the complexity needed to pull it off and despite what the reviewer said, it is just a button mashing affair, just alternating from mashing the circle button to mashing the square.

If you are a fan of FFVII I highly recommend Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, a far better game and with an actual story. The story, script and voice acting of Dissidia was enough to make me want to stop playing almost immediately.

I'm wanting to get into this but I'm still a little skeptical after playing the demo. Granted the combat is fun, different and pretty to watch, but my biggest grief was the pause between swings/attacks that kindah seem to break the flow a bit.

I may end up breaking and picking it up at some point, but I'd like to ask anyone who owns it: are there any subtle differences in the combat between the demo and the full game? Particularly improvements?

I was recently joking with a friend that this game should be called "Cloud vs. Sephiroth, etc."

Because, really, isn't that the only reason to play this game?

I didn't care for the battle system or most of the stories (Tidus' was great, though). As a Final Fantasy devotee I was disappointed with this offering.

hmm i played it a good while. had to start over though so i'm not as adamant about unlocking things.


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