Anime Review: The Wallflower

Anime Review: The Wallflower

Does being self-aware justify being annoying?

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I am so glad you mentioned the way the boys look. I was suggested this Anime by a friend who told me that because I liked Ouran I'd like this. The idea behind it sounded okay but one look at the way the boys look I stopped watching which means I didn't make it through the entirety of the first episode. Now I enjoy pretty boys as much an the next viewer, Ouran springs to mind but there are others. But those boys aren't pretty, they look like drag queens with massive lips. Why the lips! Why! I mean I'm sure the rest of it is decent, maybe not brilliant but something I may have enjoyed watching if not for the crappy character design. It's amazing how the small things can completely turn you off.

I'm so so glad someone mentioned the annoyance of the goth loli sisters. Most of the fans I know love those characters. I wish they could have been left out of the series.

there is exactly ONE GOOD scene -only because its completely absurd -the main female character going nuts in a SS officer uniform wielding a chain saw - i saw this only because our anime club voted it in-it was horrible AVOID


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