Unforgotten Realms: Episode 46: Stylish and Delicious

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Episode 46: Stylish and Delicious

This week is all an illuuuusssiioooonnn!

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As much as I still think season one and two were the best parts of the series, I still enjoyed watching UR and will be sad to see it go. Good luck with all your future projects, Schmoopy.

=O Poor little piggy

First episode I posted on here. Guess it will be the last. :(

Hope it doesn't mean the end of UR too

Last Unforgotten Realms on Escapist?
How? Why?
I am saddened by this, That's a whole one more website that I have to visit? I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Oh well, all good thing must come to an end....or is it?

Anyway, thank you for the series Rob. We hope to see you soon. You and your lumberjack physique.

EDIT: Although, if you sell your DvDs without some extra content, I doubt you'll have a lot of success.

Aw man, last episode on the Escapist.

Well I enjoyed your series and I wish you good luck in the future.

I had fun watching this series Rob...

Whatever the fate of UR is, there always is the Escapist UR archive and the Newgrounds UR Classic to rewatch

Damn. That image of Mike sitting in the basement alone at Urealms really saddened me. We lost one of our best series today.

I hope you stick around the site Rob!

EDIT: well now, after snooping around a bit, I have a question much like this gentleman's:

Rex Dark:
Where can I pre-order the DVD?

i'm sad now.... on the inside.

sir schmoopy we hardly new yee.

Where can I pre-order the DVD?

I dont post a lot on unforgotten realms episodes but its why i came to the escapist in the first place, following unforgotten realms, i have watched every episode, and each time on the day it came out including episode 1, i love this show and forever will, thank you for supplying hours of entertainment to me, and all other fans.

I will be buying a dvd and supporting the show, i gota "Stick to the plan, kobold."

Poor captain something...And i hope he was joking when he said last episode in escapist...
Edit:Hey it was a joke :)


The end now. NOOOOOOO

You know, to all those who think that just because it's the last episode on the escapist means it's over and are sad because of it, you can just purchase a DVD. If enough people buy them, he'll be able to make another season.

Poor captain something...And i hope he was joking when he said last episode in escapist...

He isn't, check http://urealms.com/ and http://www.urealms.com/forums/index.php?topic=12350.0

its not the end it'll continue at Urealms.com!

the escapists just got slightly less awesome but they still have Zp i suppose :D

will the episodes keep coming? if so at what rate? (by rate i mean time not price xD)

Why isn't this on the frontpage top left, where all the videos go?

Did the stairs disappear at 1:35?

Hopefully the series will go on, but whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck.

Why did this show get cancelled right after it got good again?

Did the stairs disappear at 1:35?

Yea, I saw that too.

Everyone go buy the DVD when it comes out next month!

Oh. That's why. So just as soon as the creator of this series decided to make it good again, he bails? I say we ban SirSchmoopy for trolling.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is this happening?!?!?

But but but why are you leaving D: good luck at your website! DAMN YOU ESCAPIST!!!!

I must buy these dvds for the sake of UNFORGOTTEN REAALMMMSSS:(

Dammit! We never got to see the Urealms/Apocalypse Lane crossover! :'(

I will so buy one of those dvds, armed with the power of colledge tuition money nothing shall stop me from helping to support this show!!!!!!!!

you guys are not too bright, note the video description "this video is all an illusion" the series isnt ending by the 16th they will have a new episode up, just watch


My Sadness level over Urealms on the Escapist ending...it's OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!

wow, what a bummer.

edit: i feel a bit disapointed in not hilighting this in top vieso section but doomsdaay and apocolypse. should be ur and doomsday


But then again, that's how such games end.

alright, well if unforgotten realms is moving from escapist I have no reason to be here either. So long suckers!

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