Review: Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 3 - Lair of the Leviathan

Review: Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 3 - Lair of the Leviathan

Pirates! Swashbuckling! Adventure! None of these things can be found in Lair of the Leviathan.

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I disliked de Cava's crew as well, although the way the Pirate Face-off competition was used in a later puzzle was very inspired. Learning to speak Manatee (and messing around with voodoo in the process) was loads of fun, made more so because it meant that you get to see more of de Singe, my favourite new character.
The lack of scenes was pretty disappointing... they reused two scenes, and added a meagre 3: Manatee interior 1, Manatee interior 2, Underwater. That's it.

I still enjoyed it, but not as much as the others.

bad episode due to deadlines?
and there games in episodes was the idea to avoid having a bad game due to deadlines...

I found the episode to be funny and the puzzles, while not too difficult, still satisfying to complete. The inclusion of Murray to the cast was long overdue, and if the one-trick-pony only turns up every decade, you can hardly complain about it, that and ofcourse he is hilarious (FEEL MY DEMONIC MANDIBLES OF TERROR!!! MWHAHAHAH!),

The Voodoo scene was inspired, giving De Singe a world class voodoo wedgie was so very fun I did it a few times. Trying to score a date with a giant manatee using only a tourist phrase book was great fun as well, and if you find insult sword-fighting a negative in a Monkey Island game, I think you're probably the wrong reviewer for the game!

So, to completely contradict Logan Westbrook, yes, there are Pirates, yes, there is a touch of Swashbuckling and the game was sigificantly more fun than reading his review.

On a slightly off-topic note, I did find it strange that Logan said the game was solid and still managed to maintain such a suffocating cloud of negativity throughout the review, if you're trying to be Yahtzee you need a lot more jokes and a lot more insight to pull it off.

Scrappy Doo - Im instantly put off.
By the sounds of it, the game is just, well, flat? I always loved the Monkey island series for its memorible jokes and the depth of the characters, but it looks like the game has lost it now in its old age.

You're saying the third episode is worse than the first two? D:

I wish I could get a refund, because so far all I've gotten is bad writing, tedious puzzles and annoying characters, not least of all Guybrush himself. He just comes off as a prick nowadays, and it's not working in his favor.


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