Alt+Escape: Time Donkey

Alt+Escape: Time Donkey

An inadvertently time-traveling donkey quests in search of delicious tacos.

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Seems alot like Chronotron from the description.

The controls take a bit of getting used to...


Well, that is definitively an... interesting... concept... a nice 'take that' to all those games with nonsense storylines that take themselves too seriously, as well. But I don't think Unity works very well on my comp, half the objects lose their texture and blend with the surroundings... and of course, a 3D platformer without camera control is one of the levels of Hell (I think it's where they send sorcerors).

I was wondering when you'd finally post this one. It's an interesting little game to play around with, though not quite as fun as their other games, imo. Blush is still my favorite.

the closest thing browser gaming has to an AAA studio.

You really need to get out more. As in, other sites. Not outside.

You seem to be forgetting all of the truly professional stuff to be found on Armorgames. If you want I'll send you some links that will blow your mind.


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