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Lost Leaders

The Escapist presents, ENN, "news you can watch." This week, the console war reaches a new low.
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Great vid, loved the "Rocket Ship made of money"

I really like this series

Haha, solid gold once again. I love how it seems that Sony and Microsoft are each other's biggest customers.

Fantastic job, love the ENN as well as the PhailhaĆ¼s, keep it up.

Oh and the Baldur's Gate reference was awesome :D

Oh my God Graham just made a Baldur's Gate reference. My respect for you just tripled.

Always love this show. I also love how it seems Microsoft and Sony seem to actually be supporting each other, by buying all the consoles haha

Don't really enjoy this show that much. Not sure why, I just don't.

Brilliant episode! Rocket ships made of money, Microsoft and Sony trying to knock either other out of business by buying thousands of each other's consoles.... excellent!

First of all props for getting this out so early in the morning. As for the episode, brilliant; my favourite was the game companies buying up each other's systems.

Blod skelletons in the alley. Nice one.

Leftnt Sharpe:
Oh my God Graham just made a Baldur's Gate reference. My respect for you just tripled.

That's exactly what I thought!
What a great line to throw in there! Just awesome!

And that guy from Unskippable has the most powerful eyebrows I've ever seen.
I'm pretty sure he could crush all before him...with just his eyebrows. Epic.

Great episode!

I loved it. Especially the Baldur's Gate reference.

At one moment I was thinking "Why Graham is having more matarial than Kathleen" and the next scene her mic is not working XD

"You must gather your party before venturing forth." SCREW YOU, GRAHAM! That line was the bane of my existence!

Well, the Baldur's Gate reference took me by suprise. Nice.

Love this series.

funniest one so far
i like the idea that the companies are buying each other's consols too bankrupt each other and that nintendo are using dark magic


First episode is still the best. I did like the Baldur's Gate line though. I think I heard that over a billion times. It's like I'm a 'nam vet and you just gave me a horrible flashback. Thanks!

I think one of most annoying notifications in Baldur's Gate turning up at the end was just perfect.
Nostalgia factor kicked in.
I'm a sucker for nostalgia at times.
Make that all the time.

I'm loving this show more and more. Great work folks.

Poor Graham, those skeletons are scary.

This may (MAY) replace Unskippable as my favourite show on The Escapist. Also, I would be concerned that the alley round back has a pit trap and Blood Skeletons...

Wow, those Microsoft and Sony reps look like they could be twins! *chuckle* Again, great video.

Why is it that, for the 3rd straight episode, the video is immediately followed by a trailer for the series that you already know about because you JUST watched it? It's pretty redundant.

"As an added bonus we have all these PS3s which we ca-... we can use them to..." Microsoft have 500 PS3s, you have none...

ah, nintendo and their rockets of money, those cheap bastards. i love that microsoft guy, "when we heard sony was selling their consoles at a loss, we bought as many as we could." lol, awesomeness

Keep up the great work guys, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite serieseses :)

In fact, sad to say I stopped watching unskippable like over a month ago :P

Excellent show. Keep it up.

The "Rocket Ship Of Money" and "Stealth 10" parts were made of pure win. Nice.

Nice D&D reference. At least it wasn't a resurrection trap, in which case you would be truly screwed...

Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!

My god now that crazy narrator's voice is stuck in my head along with Minsk and his Boo chatter.

You must gather your party before venturing forth.

If BioWare was ever to trademark a phrase a-la "You're Fired", it would be that.

Props for the final reminder! ^^

'You must gather your party before venturing forth.'

I'll join the rest of the people and say great Baldur's Gate reference, and generally funny shit

Very nice. It's far better than watching "real" news.

"As an added bonus we have all these PS3s which we ca-... we can use them to..." Microsoft have 500 PS3s, you have none...

I do, however, have this cake.

That bit at the end about the drugs was beautiful!

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