Reliable Source: Langdell and Thompson Double-Team EA?

Reliable Source: Langdell and Thompson Double-Team EA?

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more.

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I enjoyed this one alot more than the first, and look forward to your articles

This was very informative. God Tim Langdell is weird.

Very funny, keep them coming. Baby boomers literally made me lol.


Good to see others have similar opinions as me about Root of All Evil..

Like this Marion, keep it up!

I can't believe it. Not only did you not mention that seminal gaming character and icon Ryu Husomuchasnoes will be in the new Sonic racing game, but you also neglected to mention his super secret track you get when you preorder at game stop currently only known as the "Press A" track, where it is rumored you need only press A to complete a lap because the race is presented in far to cinematic a fashion to actually be played.

A weekly columnist, now? Well, good for you. You had a nice article with some humor in it on page four, and started with it on page five, but then it kinda died.

Good luck.

I loved the recount about Patrick the train driver, but I think the Tim Langdell was set up masterfully for that sting at the end.

All in all, job well done

I read page 1 then 2 then 3,4,5 and ended up with that silly grin on my face which means that for five minutes i found something worth reading online.

"You've got to lick it before you stick it." /chuckle quietly

What a basketball player Neil O'Patrick Harris was. I'm too young to have seen a live game of his, but I've seen plenty of tapes that showed his skill on the court. His legendary drives to the basket were the stuff of legend. I'm just as surprised as everyone else that he was never inducted to the hall of fame.

Also, great article. Very funny stuff.

absence of big games in 2010?
are you fucking insane?


Okay, will admit I got a chuckle here.

Marion Cox:
I think we could all learn something here. Thanks to those of you who welcomed me so openly, I am just sorry that you don't have columns in which I can return the favor.

Don't take it personally Mar, we all knew and loved the old columnist, and this change, no matter how good you are at it, was still rather abrupt and unexpected. Doesn't mean you're not good at it, we just haven't fully recovered from the shock yet.

It's like running into a hot chick... Once the headache clears and your vision is no longer blurred you'll probably realize " she's pretty hot...", but you really can't help yourself that your first thought will be something along the lines of "Motherfucker! What the fuck?!" [picture that in a Samuel L. Jackson voice, makes it 10 times cooler].

That said, welcome Marion.

I liked this one better than last weeks Marion. I thought the story of Langdell and Thompson was pretty awesome, and I loved the bit on giving your info over to MS. The other bits I thought needed a bit more to them.

Neil O'Patrick Harris..... There was so much potential in that....

I like you.
In a manly way, of course.
Do keep up.

dang I was gone for a week and what the hell happened? Wilson's is now writing for the Escapist News Network or what? This article was very funny, but who is Marion Cox?? AND WHY IS THERE ESCAPIST NEWS NETWORK NOW? It is less funny than Reliable source, and a TOTAL ripoff.

I'd just like to take this time to respond to some of your well-thought out criticisms:

Hardly a criticism Marion. I did say that your work was good, just that I missed Wilson writing it.

im sorry...90% of it, I didnt find funny at all

BUT...dont take it to hard, i HONESTLY think its because im really thick

I like you.
In a manly way, of course.
Do keep up.

That avatar kicks ass. Even moreso if it is what I'm thinking it is.

On topic, that bit at the beginning with Patrick was brilliant. Well done sir!

Much better than last week's, keep up the good job. I got a couple of chuckles from a few parts. At this rate by next week you should be able to get a lol out of me.


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