Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Scribblenauts.

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Amazing as always Yahtzee.
1) I feel sorry for Paris Hilton
2) Are you suprised that DS game is just bloody boring?
3) Why the hell is it named like stupid sequel to Psychonouts!?

Although. Spawning a Cuthulu does sound appealing. But that is only interesting thing.

is it just me or does nobody seem to give it enough time to watch it before actually posting a comment.still good video as always

Hah, this is another good review. I just don't think it's all that fair to bash on Scribblenauts as it's a damn good game. Some good points raised but this game is pretty much only limited to your imagination so it shows Yahtzee isn't all that imaginative...

I was on the fence as to whether or not to get this game. Now I will because I've always wanted a spider piñata.

so glad he doesnt completly hate nintendo

Thank you for finally pointing out that the control issues are actually a problem. I see most people pass Maxwell's stupid control as a minor quibble compared to being able to spawn a bunch of objects. I liked the game, but yes, eventually things just dwindled down to rope and helicopter, as was mentioned in the review.

Great review. Sounds like a silly game. "Rhino on roller skates". I Lol'd.

Great review, still kind of want to give it a try, but I honestly don't want to shell out 40 bucks for it, or even 10 bucks to rent it

That was funny, although I was surprised that he didn't like it.

Even after watching that review I still dont get what the games about. And I have to agree with Yathz, when you have everything and no limit its actually harder to think of something, especially when your put on the spot.

I'm glad this was bashed, i was so disappointed after the hype, the physics really do ruin it completely.

Also my cthulu lost against a dragon who had just best god the devil and me in a mech, yet lost afterwards because i dropped a shark on its head ¬_¬

can you just spawn the stars?

It seems a moot point saying a DS game is bad, seeing as most of the people who have DS's are little brothers and geriartrics who can't remember what 2+2 equals.

frickin hell, you people are touchy. heil the DS reich, i'll retract my completely legal opinion and fall in line with your little police state.

I thought this sounded like it should be good but probably wouldn't be. Oh well, I guess my DS will continue to gather cobwebs until GS3.

Are we going to get a review of "Wet" eventually? That's a game I'd like to see Yahtzee review.

Heh, that was a good one. Huge Boulders ahoy.

But who said banging 2 bricks together couldn't be fun? as long as someone's head (Someone you hate) is in between them, it can be... amusing... [/semi-joke]



Amazing review. Say what you want about the game it is highly addictive. Nothing better than conjuring God and Cthulhu and watching them duke it out.

To think I actually wanted to buy this game. If it's that broken and boring, no thank you.

It's true, half your puzzle-solving time is usually spent trying to stop Maxwell running into lava or bears or your precariously balanced tower of barrels and sheep. That, and the mechanic of gluing/tying objects together is microscopically fiddly.

Hmm, Cthulu in a popular console like game never thought that would happen...still Mr. Yahtzee i applaud for making me enjoy yet another good review.

Though I wholeheartedly enjoy Scribblenauts (even the sandbox opening screen) I can honestly see where Yahtzee is coming from on this. Being able to move Maxwell with the d-pad rather than the stylus would have made for a far less frustrating experience.

In addition, giving human-like characters a reason to be in the game would have helped too. Spawning a pirate and a ninja is fun and all, but during the puzzle and action levels spawning humans is simply pointless. Except engineers can flip switches, or something.

Still Scribblenauts is an innovative concept and there's a lot of fun to be had by doing things like spawning a mammoth and a T-Rex and watching the mammoth poof into chunks of meat when old Rexy is done with him.

loved the definition of "fun" at the end.

I dont have a DS but did sort of want one even if it was just for this game (and some JRPGs but I didnt just say that). Now not so sure, I feel like if I knew someone with a DS then I would definately bug them to get Scribblenauts and borrow it but not ready to shell out for primarily this game

Thanks Yahtzee you just saved me $150

I had high hopes for Scribblenauts. But I'm glad I didn't buy it on day one. Thanks Yahtzee!

I've played the game (not the whole game through, but still), and I have to agree. It's fun for 5 minutes, but then you can't think of stuff to spawn.

And all those epic battles you wanted to make when you heard about this game? You can only make characters fight if one of them is DEFINITELY evil, and one is DEFINITELY good...

Oh well. Another fantastic review Lord Croshaw, and many more to come

can you just spawn the stars?

Yes and no. Typing "Starite" will indeed spawn a Starite, but that will not win the level for you. You have to get the Starite that the game asks you to get.

I guess I'm in agreement here. I never thought that this would be an actual "game," but more of a creative test of your vocabulary. Kudos for trying, and great review!

Did you really expect anything less?

Oh well i now know what to buy for people i hate :)

Well it's a game on the DS what did you expect ?

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