Zero Punctuation: Wet

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Wet.

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just one word LOL :D

it certainly pleased the octopus in MY head

Played the demo for this, it was odd! Great review YZ.

i was wondering if i should buy this or not
lol always come to Yahtzee to save you money on video games

inb4 banhammer.

Also, I thought the humor was a little dry in this review.

I love Pilloc

I'm now stuck with the thought of Herr Angler von Steufish.
And, for the first time ever on ZP, I actually felt sorry for an imp. (The one who got desecrated by Rubi).

I too have an octopus that lives in my head.

That was the funniest ZP moment in a while.

Nice video. That does seem what goes on when people make really bad games. I don't plan on buying wet anytime soon.

Great review VZ but was expecting Halo ODST.Still funny as hell.

Pretty much what I thought of the gameplay trailers I saw. Seemed that whoever was playing was just repeating the one or two same slow-mo jumps. The knee-slide-divey thing looked especially silly.

In my own humble opinion Wet can greatly summarized through the demo on PSN/XBL. Really Yahtzee should have played the demo and called it a review of the full game, because THATS WHAT IT IS!

Oh dear. Looks like we found another Lara Croft playmate, hmm?

And I certainly guffawed at "loading screen singularity". ^_^

This reminds me unnervingly of the Fallout 3 VATS system prediction Yahtzee had.


Granted, VATS turned out to be awesome, but this game suffers from the syndrome he predicted, I.E. "It'll be groovy pants at first, but prolonged exposure will boil it down to just plain pants."

"That will appease the octupus is my head."

That made me burst out laughing.

awesome review. but I'm getting the nagging suspicion that several game studios are completely run by an army of Pillocks. Like the studio that was working on Duke Nukem forever for 10 years.

In my own humble opinion Wet can greatly summarized through the demo on PSN/XBL. Really Yahtzee should have played the demo and called it a review of the full game, because THATS WHAT IT IS!

now that I think of it, it's very true

The whole part involving 'pillock' was brilliant, we need more stuff like that in the reviews. This is probably the best one for quite a while.

On a side-note, I expected better from a member with over 400 posts than a 'first' post. I wish people would get suspended/banned for those.

Great review VZ but was expecting Halo ODST.

Well you shouldn't be because Yahtzee has already said he isn't going to.

"Inner ear disabling dove shitting medical condition" << lmao

the Pillock and Pillocks boss was a fun aside too

good as always. Next up Brutal Legend......please?

Deinetely better than last weeks. Although I had really been hoping for something newer... oh wait I forgot - he's in Australia, "Land of Late Released Games" and all that. I'll also take his advice on not googling said word.

Rag Doll:
I love Pilloc

Mee too. Infact I think Pilloc and his boss deserve thier own series. C'mon Escapist still got Tuesdays and Fridays open. Don't make me start a petition.

Good god, I wish I would have taken Yahtzee's advice at the end of the video. Another great review regardless.

Rag Doll:
I love Pilloc

Me too, but I really think he should bring back Terry and Gonad from the "Alone in the Dark" review

Oh, what's that? the main character is an unlikeable bitch?

I spotted that in the first ten seconds of the first time I saw the TV ad. In my words "I've never seen such a generic action bitch. That game will be terrible"

Classic Pillock...

Good ZP, bad game
I was so looking forward to this game and now I'm disappointed.

WET pretty much came out of the blue, I had no idea it was supposed to be released around this time. I've heard a mix of good and bad things about it, I might rent it.

Good review, Yahtzee.

Very funny review, Yahtzee. I'm surprised that no similarities were drawn to "Chili Con Carnage" or "Total Overdose" considering that the easily-executed slo-mo wall run jumping stuff is almost identical....or are those games really THAT obscure?

Yes, I know he referenced Stranglehold, but still.

cinematic gaming can go fuck itself

"I do not advertise googling 'Wet Box' with the safe search off."

Note taken, I cant imagine the results.

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