Guest Editor's Note: Alphabet Soup

Guest Editor's Note: Alphabet Soup

This week, The Escapist explores the harrowing world of videogame acronyms and the organizations they represent.

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I kid, I kid, it's a meta joke, I swear!

It's not just the gaming industry itself that has a bad case of alphabet soup indigestion. This also happens right here among us. Take for instance the confusing gaming acronyms. It contains so many excellent examples of this issue. But I don't think this has to cause any problems when anyone who uses them uses the Writing Class 101 rules. If you're using a specific acronym a lot, then write what it stands for the first time you use it. If you're talking about God of War for instance, and not about Gears Of War, then just start off by say "God of War (GoW)" and from that point on you can continue to use the GoW acronym.

Problem solved.


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