Anime Review: Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

Anime Review: Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

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You know, I had come to the conclusion that Black Lagoon was a bit overhyped. I was over my fanboy phase and realized I didn't really like the series as much as I thought.

But then...

An OVA was announced for a 2010 release and I fan-gasm'd all over again. Apparently I just can't quit this stuff.

well, looks like another anime to add to the 'List'.
still only one on my 'Blacklist' though :P

but this one should be interesting, at least from what I read...

I really enjoyed this show, definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good modern action series.

The story with those two twins was very tragic. And I liked how in the yakuza story, Revy becomes a bit more sociable and almost normal. Balalaika is still the greatest character though.

Black Lagon is grossly overrated. The first few episodes work in a stupidly over-the-top sort of way, with the shamelessly testosterone-addled action scenes promising to out-perform each previous one with the kind of frenetic violence which made the Kill Bill movies so much fun. But the minute Revy - everyone's favorite gun-toting sex-object! - starts opening her mouth about the inescapability of nihilism, I can't help but groan.

What the hell, writers! You did everything in your power to advertise this series as a brainless celebration of adolescent power fantasies! Why suddenly start wanking off on a tangent like one of the rug-staining asians of The Big Lobowski and pretend yo be something that you're not (i.e. intelligent and thoughtful)? Just lose the pretensions at being deep and get back to being amusingly depraved, already! If I wanted to explore the philosophical implications of existential dread through anime, I'd watch Kino's Journey. Hell, if I wanted to explore the philosophical implications of existential dread, I'd turn off the TV and read On Time And Being! Just go back to the mindlessly fun violence, please.

One of my favorite animes and I can't wait for the OVA. :) I hope it will be great.

I was very impressed by this series (as I mentioned when I reviewed it on my blog - so I'm not going to repeat what I said there). And I've found that the show (both seasons) really works as a gateway anime the way Cowboy Bebop did.

That said, I'd recommend that you find something really cute and cuddly to watch after watching this season, considering how the last ark of this season ended. I made the mistake of watching Berserk right before watching this season - don't do that.

Great anime series. Really, really pretty and super cool. Maybe its just because of the derth of strong female characters that kick major butt, but Black Lagoon really stick outs in the sea of action anime.

Black Lagoon is an example of an environmental piece. It is not about tree hugging or saving baby seals. But the environment it is set in becomes a more significant character than any of the individuals portrayed in it. The characters' reactions and development are all used as a way of characterizing the city that they live and work in. Everything eventually comes back to the city, and its influence over those who are exposed to it. By the end of the series, I was reminded of the over-emphasis placed on Gotham City in the movie "Dark Knight."

oh, thick thick accents....

Overall was fun, much violence =P

Is there a third season?


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