It's Too Loud (Because I'm Too Old)

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Are you talking about the Sacred Ashes CG trailer? Yeah, it sucked. They present the game totally different than it supposedly is. I don't get it. It turns off the old fans who want a good old RPG and the action fans who might be tempted to buy it will be very disappointed when they get to play the actual game...

I'm just glad I saw a brief glimpse of the actual gameplay (and top-down camera) in a developer video months ago. I can't find the video on the website anymore... which is a great shame.

The only vids they have now are... uninspiring.

I really liked the D&D games Bioware did, and I'm disappointed they couldn't continue. The quality had been dropping more recently though, NWN2 was poor, and it took the expansions MOTB and SOZ for me to enjoy the game (especially SOZ, which felt almost like a "proper" D&D game to me).

They're marketing this as a "dark fantasy RPG" and yet it doesn't even get to the level of the Witcher (which wasn't marketed as anything other than an RPG).

The marketing really makes me confused. This game is supposed to be like BG, and yet it's being marketed like an action game. This means you'll either get lots of annoyed action fans, or lots of annoyed RPG fans. Or more likely both.

I tried real hard to like this last big trailer that Bioware had offered to the consumer, but failed. But this is something that boggles the mind when it comes to the choice of the magazine. I mean, at Playboy at least has a reputation of some class of trying to be other than. Getting to old I guess.

Well, I'm not in the same boat, but I *am* in the same ocean. It hit me hard when I discovered a couple of years ago that there was someone younger than me in the NHL (for instance, I'm older than Patrick Kane by a couple of months). It won't be long before I'm older than the youngest NFL and MLB player (heck I probably am already).

Now, I'm still young. Very young. 21.7 years old is far from an advanced age. But I'm no longer a teenager so I have to change accordingly. Soon I won't be "in my early twenties" and will have to change for that one. Then I will be "approaching thirty" and that will require drastic changes. It's amazing just how fast we age and how quickly the next age-related societal milestone approaches. Stupid life...

Now that I'm past 30 I've had gaming largely ruined for me because what used to be novel and interesting is now compared against previous examples of whatever it is the creator's trying to accomplish.

Take, for example, the new Tropico 3. Apparently Haemimont Games has turned out the first good game in their otherwise worthless lives (consider the execrable Imperium Romanum and Glory of the Roman Empire which managed to make Rome unfun(?!), if the early reviews are anything to go by. But everything I see of it makes me think "Why would I buy a remake of Tropico 1 when I still have Tropico 1 and still consider it the fourth-best game of all-time (behind Rome: Total War, Alpha Centauri, and Rise of Nations)? It's prettier? Modern graphics? But the old ones had a charm that still endures eight years later."

I'll probably buy it anyway. But I probably would've enjoyed it more if Tropico came out when I was, say, 14 and I was 22 now for Tropico 3 rather than 24 and 32 as things currently stand.

Being a 30 next year gamer I take your point. I compare everything to something I played years ago. "Its not as good as Druid the Enlightenment" or "I prefered the strategy in laser squad" comes up quite a bit.

I must have missed Tropico though. The first I saw of it was a 2 page add for tropico 3 in a gaming rag. Looked like theme park and civilisation with added Castro. Is it worth a gamble?

I don't think any of us are getting old, in fact I think that trailer shows how dated the game industry's tastes are. Overly choreographed Kung Fu wire fights were waaaayyy cool in the mid 90's, back when the US realized the Chinese made movies. Now, it's pretty old hat.

What else? A black dude with blonde corn rows - that's so Allen Iverson meets Sisqo back when Iverson was good at basketball and Sisqo was, well, something. I don't think any of us are getting old, I think Dragon Age is just a little behind the times.

Hmmm.....I don't know why, I should be a crochety old coot (or getting close to it as 40 approaches) but I am finding games today are finally reaching the spectacle and polish I've been craving. I played and enjoyed the first Balder's Gate, Icewind Dale, and so forth. I had all but exhausted the gold box D&D games back in the day and Pools of Radiance still brings back fond memories as long as I don't try to bring it up on DosBox (last effort to do so was a sobering experience). The thing about games "then" was that there simply wasn't anything better except for good old paper and pencil gaming, in terms of sheer immersion. Now, at last, games like Fallout 3 and (I hope) Dragon Age (and even Borderlands) are breaking that fourth wall for me, fulfilling a desire fo a genuineley deep, beautiful experience that I could never quite "get" before, no matter how much fun BG was. And just because tiny, pixelated isometric bloodstains are so much smaller than what Dragon Age origins offers, I am most definitely not going to let that dissuade me from jumping head first in to DAO. Of course, you're right about the marketing: they know they've got the old coots in the bag, so its all the flash-bang types they need to sucker in!

It's not age, it's progression. As much as humans hate change and adapting it has become part of us and cannot do without. This goes the same for videogames a certain game genre may not "cut it" anymore and we yearn for something new and better.

When I was a child I was an avid fan of the RTS genre and genres involving meaningful micromanagement systems. Nowadays, at 21-years old, I yearn for a game that allows me to customise my units to do battle with likeminded players. In the thousands, no less.

Hi, my name is William and I'm old and bitter (at 27, no less).

I think I'm in Mr. Chalk's boat on this. I've been around long enough to have played Wolf3d, Doom and Quake when they were new and started playing RPGs with FF6 just in time for the PCRPG renaissance that started with Baldur's Gate. I also loved Stalker, Mirror's Edge and Mount and Blade because they dared to try something new, incomplete and flawed as they were. As someone who played Deus Ex and System Shock 2 when they were brand new, Bioshock doesn't do much for me.

As to the dragon age, I'll sum it up like this: There are going to be alot of unhappy people when all those poor saps expecting an action game find out they just bought a serious RPG.

IO think I must have jumped the curve on this, maybe i just started with finer tastes. I like a little flash and glamor to grab my attention, but once a game gets it I'll inspect to see if it can hold up to what I want from it, Fallout(1 and 2) i didn't actually get til a couple months ago in the Trilogy pack(I'm technically a young gamer, but w/e) and I have never seen any shine to it, kind of like a good dog, yeah he's here, when your done with your dolled up chihuahua he'll be here, and I can appreciate the reliability and shamelessness of his dedication.

In fact I'm probably about to go see old dog right now.

I'm pissed they're not making Baldur's Gate 3, too.

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