Rebecca Mayes Muses: Resident Evil 5

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Resident Evil 5

Rebecca offers a peaceful solution for dealing with zombies.

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Ooh, this is one of my favorites! This is actually the video through which I got to know your work, about a half year ago. It still is an amazing song, it's only a pity that the video quality isn't that good. Probably because you edited it twice with different settings.

Can't wait to hear your Batman song coming up in two weeks! Until then, I'll make do with this little gem of a song!

Oooh, your ResE 5 song! I liked it so much I grabbed the mp3, way back when (before you showed up on the escapist), along with Press A and the Kyle Hyde one. Love it!

I like the song!!!

But did you 'like' RE5?


Rebecca Mayes: Zombie Rights activist.
A beautiful sentiment and a wonderful song :)

Not too bad. Getting a little tired of the genre though.

I actually like this song

this one is my favorite

This was a really good song.

And playing cards with zombies sounds like fun.

I remember this one from gamepeople a while back, and it's pretty good to see it here on Escapist. :D

Unskippable, Zero Punctuation and now this? Some games sure take a hammering on this site haha!

While this is a strange way to review a game, I like it a lot. Didn't think I would.

But Zombies scare me to much to hug and love them.. I think I would go to the second best solution then: Running away screaming like the proverbial girl. But that's just me.

I was really happy to see Rebecca Mayes on Gameswipe. Since I only came to know of Charlie Brooker since Yathzee mentioned him in some interview. This is kind of full circle for me ..

Even though I'm a cuddly kind of person, I'm not going to hug this:

No matter how awesome this song was, it's not going to happen.

I loved this one! The problem with hugging Zombie's though is that they may think you are saying 'Bone appetit' .... get it.... bone.....

Sorry.... I should go...

This one was very good, but dammit now I miss playing lock on with my cousins, wonder if I can find a set still :P

Hehe, am I the only one who thought of "Left 4 Bed"?

I like the points & the music is ok, but the way the lyrics are set up and the way they're sung make it sound unnatural... the words don't feel like they flow well together

Well done. This is my fave Muse this far.

Great song and lyrics. A novel and amusing take on the zombie problems of gaming... Although i'm not sure following it will get you through the game in one piece - I don't play cards all that well...

Probably my fave so far :D Liking the music more than anything.

This song gave me a headache. Please, mix it up once in a while.

All right I've watched all of these videos so far and I have been trying desperately to try and like them, but I can't do it anymore. These songs suck and I'm not going to bother listening.

Heard this song a while back, it's still a brilliant song. Rebecca, if you read this, go on tour of the UK (especially London) or at least make a cd, I know I'd buy it and I'm sure most other people on the escapist would too.

I didn't really like this one. It was okay, kinda cute in a way, but I'll never have this song on my MP3 player.

Not too bad. Getting a little tired of the genre though.


love the beat

I liked it. Good job.

Great song!
I reckon she should do another metal one though, her last one for overlord 2 was amazing.

Definitely one of the better ones, and I found myself listening to your old ones once more and having a new appreciation of them.

I think it is easy to forget that you're doing this solo, and how much more impressive making music that is fleshed out so well it is.

Reading comments on previous videos about you "only being here because you're a woman" I think is extremely unfair. You are definitely here on your own merits.

An original venture, and one that I enjoy fully.

way Better then the last one good job

beautyfall song
i just need to ask, didn't you already put this song a long time ago in you website? what was the point in puting it here rather than making a new one? it seems like that i just waited two weeks for nothing new (because i already heard this one)

still, one of my favourites (the other being the sims 3 and wolverine)

some of Rebbecas songs are simply great this is one of the good ones.

i just love Rebbecas songs that have some jokes in them

Great song!

Though I thought that they were plagued people in re5 (like in re4) not zombies. :P

Zombie Rights, the new fight for justice!

That was a beautiful song Rebecca! I don't think I'd actually take the advice on hugging the zombies but I'd still say this is probably one of my favorite videos that you've made.

Well, this isn't really new, already heard it, but this is a good one, weird how the 'good' scale keeps jumping up and down with the songs.

Sweet. Liked the beat of that one a lot.

-Awww, who needs a hug?

-Meeeeeee... and braaaaainnss.

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