Unskippable: Genji: Days of the Blade

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Genji: Days of the Blade

Graham and Paul visit an ancient land of legend, and cliches.

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The amount of Japanese words in the opening part of the cinematic had me going 'what?' half the time. 'Cleverly diguised San Andreas Expansion?' was also funny.

Brilliant job guys! You're getting better and better...

eh, was it just me or was that conversation between guy and his brother (didn't catch names...) like the most confusing conversation ever?

I was thinking the same thing about them being the bad guys. The good guys just seem like they're having conversations very similar to what Hitler would have had with his men...

Brilliant - and you're right, the guy does sound British putting on a Japanese accent. Also, why are Brito-Japanese people engaging in ethnic genocide?

So the proponents of genocide want to destroy the last tyrannical rebels before they steal the plans for the ancient Japanese Death Star?! Where can I buy this game?

[/MASSIVE sarcasm]


Hold..... and down

Is this the game that contains the fabled GIANT ENEMY CRAB?!

"If these guys were called Bob or Ted, this cut scene would be half as long."

I was thinking it even before you said it, but they can't decide whether they have an Japanese accent or an English accent.

They might as well have been speaking in Japanese because I could hardly understand what they were saying in the opening cutscene to begin with. If it weren't for the subtitles, I'd be lost half the time as to what they were saying.

Paul clearly has been practicing his Japanese accent.

Just wow, great job guys....funny as usual.

It's California!

Video won't load for shit :(
Same for the latest MovieBob video.
I know I should just consult the "video not opening? click help", but it doesn't help.
So... any ideas?
Edit: Cool, it turns out I can't watch ANY of the videos on Escapist.
Edit: Great, turns it I'm the retard.

Great job as always guys, another great episode. by the way this game that spawned the Giant Enemy Crab and attack his weak spot for massive damage memes

Awww, low blow on California. Funny as hell but low.

I demand a video with evil porpoises!


epic win

Is it just me, or did the woman that read the opening bit sound like she was an upper class English woman putting on a Japanese accent?

On topic: great job guys.

If you're gonna use Asian accents when dubbing a Japanese game, give everybody the same accent.

FANTASIC I loved all of it.

Was it just me or was the one with the very british accent(didn't catch his name) the only one? Everyone else was like stereotypical Engrish, while he was britshy.

And agree on the part that if everyone was named Bob or Ted, the intro would be shorter. Good one guys.

I want a mainstream game where i can play both sides.

Really, longest names ever.

Only in Japan.
'And... down.'

This video disturbed me... And here is why. I actually understood the opening. I actually understood their painfully rudimentary reasoning for the bad guys. And that one guy didn't sound British to me, he sounded like their typical young Asian accent. I think I might need to sit down. Oh... Right...

This is why I tend to dislike Japanese storytelling in rpgs. They pretty much just babbled that the enemy used the Divine Power for "naughtyness" and then they had demons now. Two lines, three lines tops, to justify a genocide. Ugh.

That said, it looked like it might be fun to play. XD

Great job as always guys.

The game is basically forcing you to choose a side and program you to think their bad guys by having them hire demons to kill the not-Heishi's. Great job guys!

Half of the cast sounded like Japanese people putting on high class British accents... or vice versa, in fact.


This game was sure funny. Weird story introduction.
Really good today guys. Awesome show.

Once again, 2 great parts:
"Oh, there is na actual flute player. I though that was just how Japan sounded like at night"

"eh, what the?! You guys have all swords too and you let me kill'em? Oh F.. God damn it!"


Thing is, this is actually the only reason a lot of games give - the enemies are evil "because we say so". The tomb needs to be robbed and all their corpses looted "because we say so". We need to control the megadeath weapon of ultimate destruction "because we say so".

You know, I'm fairly certain that all the guards that the player slaughters through the course of a game are these because someone else "said so".

I love the flute joke

caplle the flute player is already in our custody we already have enough flute players

we will call if we need the rest of you

"giant enemy crab attack its weak point for massive damage"

Well done lads another brilliant video

Best one in weeks, the jokes were really snappy.

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