Escapist News Network: New Dante's Inferno Marketing Tactic

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New Dante's Inferno Marketing Tactic

EA's marketing campaign for Dante's Inferno reaches a new level.
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The Ending always cracks me up.

Holy Shit! Brian O'Halloran in ENN!! I gotta say, I didn't see that coming. Keep up the goodness. :)

"In a row?!"

That was naughty.

I'd do you!

I do really love the 'off-air' moments, they're really the highlight of the show for me.

"In a row?!"

That was naughty.

That one had me rolling around on the floor.

This one was pretty good.

Haha! Best ending ever (on ENN that is).

Also, you're getting increasingly better with the acting and all. Well done :)

Wow, didn't expected Brian O'Halloran to be there. He's my favorite character of the Clerk's franchise. And I like how he jokes the mix up between his character and from Dante's Inferno.

Not the best episode but, definitely the best ending.

I have to agree, that ending was the best one so far.

"Does she have a sister?"

Keep it up!

The ending bit as my favorite and yes I would join in as well.

I wasn't such a fan of the headline story, but the rest of it was pure gold. Especially the ending.

"Wow, 37 levels?"
"In a row?"

Haha, awesome.
Great episode, but why is that guy there and what does he have to do with Dante's Inferno?
The way I got it is that it was an movie called that?
Did I get it right?

"...See? We'd all do you."
"Aww, thanks guys!"
Hilarious stuff, I quite like this video series.

Okay, this show was already pretty damn funny, but that bit with Brian O'Halloran? Hilarious. How did you even get him for this? Did you find him wandering around the convention and came up with the bit on the spot?

Comedy 101 in the end. i laughed so hard!

I love how they got Brian O'Halloran in this episode. I was NOT expecting that. I was expecting a referrence to Yahtzee's recent gift from EA.

And I'd do you too Kathleen DeVere!

(sorry if that offends anyone)


"In a row?!"

That was naughty.

Damn, just got that.

I'd do Kathleen...if I didn't have a girlfriend that is.

Those off script bits are great

I hoped there would be a Yahtzee rickroll here. Anyway, funny ending.

I actually had to look up turgid....I don't know where you get these words from for the opening sometimes, but awesome. I too loved the ending. This is a great series, guys!

Kathleen sounded like she had a cold when she was talking about the DS XL...
so...uh.. get well soon?

Opening bit:

"So Letterman was doing his staff... I'm working at the wrong station"

Erm... I thought you and Kathleen where... you know... thats what I got off of LRR...

ANYWHO, great show.

EDIT: Also, bloody funny bit about the Ghost game one "They aren't afraid of ghosts yet... soon the one place they feel a sliver of safety will be gone"

Brian Fucking O'Halloran? Kickass!

TheNamlessGuy: He played a character named Dante in Clerks and Clerks II. Great movies.

I still love the intro :P

I would do you Kathleen =]
Great episode as always! I also had to look up the word turgid lol

Dude. This show just got even better. Also, Brian O'Halloran makes me willing to buy Dante's Inferno, for some strange reason. They should redo the voices just so I'll buy it.

That was probably be the best use of the Dante's Inferno display at GameX. Way to think ahead, ENN!

(Also? I'd do you too, Kathleen.)

I watched this thinking it would show the footage of Yahtzee smashing up the RickRoll box. It didn't, but I laughed and I'll likely start watching eNN weekly now.

Random Brian O'Halloran = Win.

Great episode. Though I'm starting to become confused why you choose to have an ad for ENN after every ENN. Also, the "Actors who use the same voice in every game" Commission is pretty huge, congrats to Blum and North on making co-chairs.

OMG! Dante from Clerks!!! I don't know how you pulled that off but cookies to the staff of ENN.

The ending to this weeks ENN was probably the funniest since the Fresh Prince ending IMO.

Oh, and Kathleen... I'd do you too..

The ending was awesome. Keep up the awesomeness guys!

I can't believe you got him to do it! I thought you were just tooting your own horn when you said he was a fan of Unskippable.

Predictable end dialogue (no worse than the Fresh Prince one, though)... but paired with the greatest freaking cameo in the world, this episode is full of win.

I have to say, this is the first one where the main content out-shined the funny bracketing commentary. Kathleen and Graham worked together smoothly and flawlessly and all of the stories were amusing leading up to the new marketing strategy for Dante's Inferno piece. And I did not see that one coming. I'm fond of the Clerks series and this piece was quite a little gem. Good luck on the next review.

I like how blatantly this rips off Colbert's The Word. Kudos, it takes huge nuts to just steal a format.
Edit - That's unfair, it kinda rips off The Onion's format too.

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