Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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Washington DC

This week, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw visits Washington DC.

Watch Video

very nice loved it!!!

Wow, did you compress time to watch 6 minutes in 30 seconds?

British accent = win

Nation of champions! (or we were in 2003 that is...)

This is a bit of change of pace though. It's hardly "Zero" punctuation.

Breast cancer gets too much exposure? i think I agree. Big it up for pancreatic cancer.

I want to nom that beard

HA! "is it rape? Time Share vagina" I am going to use this on a daily basis now

Ok... unexpected, but hey, getting to see the real Yahtzees always a plus.

Edit: I'm actually surprised no Fallout 3 jokes were made.

Wow, in DC, talk about being far away from home.

You need to experience the true America.

Find the nearest Sonic Drive-In or Cracker Barrel and go there.

Breast cancer is trendy noob cancer. Cervical cancer is were it's at.

the word that springs to mind is "beaten".

Weak. I was hoping for an Uncharted 2 review this week. :(

Real Life is not a game. Do not like.

you needed a break anyway :) Yahtzee is on vacation! If you don't like it you can piss off. Welcome to the states Yahztee I hope you guys had fun.

im 12 and what is this?

In all seriousness, what happened to that game contest? Is that review next week?

Why the fuck is the Escapist censoring videos now?

Also, it is cool they caught Marine One on the tape.
EDIT: Oh, I forgot, err pertaining to the "eye-shot"- WTF?

Sooo next week Torchlands: Origins?

Disappointed for no review but hey at least we did get a video explaining why
Also it's nice to see that he does actually speak like a human and not ridiculously fast all the time

hey lets stick to games in future hey yahtzee? your very pretty and all, but games are where your talents really lie...

Breast cancer gets too much exposure? i think I agree. Big it up for pancreatic cancer.

Yeah! My dad died from that :D... -.-

OT: Funny episode, the washington memorial really did look like a Cock n Balls.

How was that Northern Virginia traffic treating you?

Well i'm not going to lie. I'm dissapointed that theres no ZP this week, but the video was pretty funny and a good length.

wtf? DC? the hell is this?

It's fuck you, basically. Didn't you get the fucking memo. For fuck's sake, holy fuck.

This was... disappointing. Although I do like the idea of "cool indy cancers." Heh.

Thank the Lord for ZP.

Wednesdays suck without ZP.

I am sooooo gonna call Yahtzee Mr Captain Statetheobvious from now on.

Mr Jiggle Physics and Mr Jerking-off Man


And he was restraining himself so well until the halfway point... I will say, though I've heard the washington monument joke before, I've never seen an angle where the trees do THAT. Great job cameraman!

Was anyone else thinking the imp at the end was going to hijack the review again?

That was one of the most surreal things I have ever watched. Bonus points for watching Yahtzee with a severe headcold. Also, Argh! Real Life! Didn't expect to him there anytime soon.

Well,kind of unexpected. Live action is somewhat fresh,but... i really wanted to see normal ZP,not sex jokes about old buildings. Plus,it's not nearly as funny when he talks with normal speed. I'm kind of disappointed.

Part of that disappointment comes from a fact that OUR roadtrips are funnier.

i gust wanted to be special :(

wow... I was bored..
stick to game reviews please

its always good seeing Yahtzee in the flesh...but now i really want to eat cake...

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