Stolen Pixels #141: After Curfew, Episode 5

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I personally boycott CoD:MW2 cause it doesn't have dedicated servers.
Well f*** you Infinity. I'll just keep playing the first one cause it seems its much better allowing up to 50 players fight on one map (yeah if you didn't hear that yet new MW for PC allows only up to 16 players...) with mods, and moderators that kick out annoying people.

I don't really understand WHY does Infinity or Activision (we don't know who got that stupid idea) hate our money so much.

AS a PC gamer dead set on buying MW2 my reaction to lack of dedicated servers was, "uhhh... okay...why?" i don't particularly have a problem with the lack of Dedicated servers i just wish they had explained why. they just dodged the subject saying it was a good thing. in your legless man analogy the man with no legs doesn't even know why he has no legs.

Wanna hear something funny(or at least read... XD)? Here's a recent tweet by Robert Bowling:

"#MW2 PS3 Status: Patch successful. Trophy Unlocks on PS3 now available in Single Player & Spec Ops. Adding more servers to meet MP demand."

Did you notice the "Adding more servers to meet MP demand." part?

Hey, thanks Infinity Ward! You can't even add the server feature on the pc version and let the fans take care of the rest, but you can add more servers to the PS3 gamers! Thanks but no, I'll stick to the good and old CoD4 multiplayer.

MARIO? *puts TiVo on recording mode* :D

I really love this new "After Curfew" mini-series. Please continue to publish these on Stolen Pixels.

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