Zero Punctuation: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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I hope he reviews borderlands sometime soon, or at all.

I also wonder if he's heard of or plays dwarf fortress, since it seems like the type of thing he'd really like.

I fuckin hate it when you automatically stick to walls.
Who thought it was a good idea?
It might be ok for AI who know to back off when you are taking cover just to appease the game developers, but against real people, the idea is retarded.

Man definitely going to skip this.
Good looking games have never been the reason to get it. Bad gameplay is best avoided.

boring concepts.

Very funny review!

Pouncing noogies - love it - I think that should actually be a combo move somewhere in the next Tekken...

Hilarious as always.

I love this game it looks amazing and its a lot of fun

the online modes are great and team death match stuff etc.. is also very balance

Uncharted 2 is one of the main reasons to buy a ps3

Brilliant. Will Nathan Drake and walls be able to fight back the suppressors in a cruel world where fucking a brick is wrong? Only Yahtzee can tell.

as alweys yahtzee rapes the game HORRAY FOR IT KEEP IT UP very fun and entartaining

Damn. You know, my friend told me it was a great game, all cinematic and adventurous and sandbox-y... I was just gonna wait for a little confirmation.

Well, it seems I've saved sixty dollars.

Odd, i thought this was suppose to be like the game of year or something, does he hate every major mainstream tittle?

Man definitely going to skip this.
Good looking games have never been the reason to get it. Bad gameplay is best avoided.

boring concepts.

I´m gonna guess that you're one of those people that take his reviews seriously.

I had a feeling that its cover system was a little off, not too many games can make it good, certainly not R6 Vegas or..........well, you know what I mean...............

Odd, i thought this was suppose to be like the game of year or something, does he hate every major mainstream tittle?

No.He just takes all the bad parts and puts them in the in the review.He said something on the lines of that himself.

Cool vid. Wish I had a PS3.

Each of Yahtzee's videos is at least longer than sixty seconds.

Ergo, you did not watch the video.

I saw Dragon Age!!! Can't wait for that review. Game looks amazing, haven't played it yet though... Crappy $60 a game.. Not that I should be complaining, $100 for Yahtzee is much worse lol Although, Escapist probably foots that bill... Maybe I could get them to foot mine.. Hey Yahtzee, How bout we team up and review games together over xbox live... Wait, hates all smugness that is not his own.. Fuck..

After the cameo at the end, I'm hoping he does Dragon Age for next week. He seems to have a problem with Uncharted 2 for being unoriginal, but then again, how many original games have there been in the last few years. When something like Mirror's Edge flops, he can criticize it for being overly ambitious, so there really is no pleasing him I guess.

For some reason I get the feeling that this video would be the perfect medium for a psychological analysis of our dear Mr. Croshaw. They'd take one look at the several references to The Hoff and start screaming Freudian jargon.

Smug hypnotist...

Taking the piss out of Nathan Drake, pointing out the retarded nature of wall-velcro cover engines, promises of a Dragon Age review and mention of the National Portrait Gallery.

Not that you actually went anywhere important, but welcome back, Yahtzee.

Good review although I would had liked to hear him talk about the Muti Player

I've been waiting for this review! Very good game though. Great review as always!!

Yet a gain good review, quite funny.

Shame that with the game expo trip causing us to lose a review for the 'washington DC is full of easy cock jokes' episode then one or more of Torchlight, borderlands, Dragon Age and MW2 may be missed.

but then again we can just watch the MW vid to see the MW2 review, and we can always catch up on Torchlight when the MMO comes out so toss up between Bordelands and Dragon Age for next wee (And I think the end of the review may give a clue to next weeks review....

Where is the ZP Game contest game? :(

Nice one liners as always.

And here I thought he'd completely shit the review. I'm thinking that it translates as something like, "Okay, if generic." As for the graphics, I think they fucked up the color scheme completely.

And the only thing drawing me towards getting a PS3 is The Beatles: Rock Band.

I must chime in with Yahtzee on this regard: Uncharted 2 was a game that made no mistakes by doing bugger all new.

I would be deeply entertained to see him review something more unique like Demon's Souls, or somewhat more selfishly a solid Western RPG like Dragon Age.

Or go completely mad and review Persona 4, Dwarf Fortress or M.U.L.E.

im hoping he will review dragon age for the pc instead of the xbox, it would be nice if the game didn't get slaughtered for it below adequate controls.

Some very nice finds in here - I particularly liked the "... what gamers are going to do anyway ..." sequence (with subsequent toss of controller at the screen :).

That said, Uncharted 2 was a lot of fun and indeed a real popcorn game. Was a bit disappointed that Hard and Crushing difficulties didn't really challenge as much as the press made it out to be ("like playing chess" my ess). Still, I'd tell anyone and their grandmother to give this one a go - great fun, especially in Crushing.

I was suprised to see him have a sort of like for the game, considering how much he hated the first one. Okay so it was grudging but hey.

I have to say, I'm not buying a S3 and this game won't convince me. I saw someone playing it and all I could think was how bland it was as well.

Also, I watched this review wearing a hat, for some reason this makes me smile even more.

sounds like a good game then- comon PC port

I still liked the game much. I think it will be GOTY. If only Dragon Age hadn't shitted itself a little with its graphics, because then it would win.

(For the record, I personally do not care about Graphics but I'm just saying what I believe will be the excuse they do not give DA:O the GOTY)

Anyway, I think this is the first time I've been on the front page on a ZP review

Huzzah for me

Quite disapointing really, i guess i shouldn't expect certain things for him to be reviewing, he doesn't like walls though, which was quite funny.

So it's basically like the Transformers movies?
Where you can enjoy it for a few hours and leave your brain outside, but doesn't offer anything new to cinema or it's own franchise?
If that's the case then I'm cool with it, because I just want to have fun with bells and whistles for a hour or so. That's the purpose of games, right? To have fun?

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