Apocalypse Lane: Episode 25: Big Pete Goes to Work

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Episode 25: Big Pete Goes to Work

Big Pete puts his carpentry skills to use and the guys let him in on Gladice's ulterior motives.

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Hahaha, so many funny lines in this episode.

Great job.

Stinky and Big Pete are deeply disturbing together and good gravy! what's with the vault?

I was sure the vault was in Steve's house :D hehe... still, nicely done guys, keep it up!

I don't think I've ever laughed out loud so many times during an episode. Hilarious..as everyone in the office looks at me.



This is a particulary hilarious episode.

More unanswered Questions!!! what is this a better version of LOST?

Laughed out loud. cringed a lot the 'inappropriately touched' and gladys conversation

keep it up!

Father Hickey once again steals the show. Brilliant episode once again Jon.

I'm really enjoying Big Pete as a character... Steve's just getting annoying.
Sadly my dorm is nowhere near as interesting as his house. I tried "Captain Charms" but it didn't do anything. Granted, I'm on the fourth floor... I'm going to run through the basement screaming "Captain Charms," I'll post here if there are any results.

Uuuuhhhhhhh.... Vault thing... didnt think it would be in Steve's house o-o;;;..... Maybe this explains the whole roof fixation Gladis has going?

John, I'm a man of the world. It takes quite a bit to disturb me.

You managed it on at least three occasions now.

I'm just gonna scrub myself clean, with bleach and steel wool.

So few times have people who said, "[word/name] and [word/name] should never be in the same sentance." realized the importance of the word "not". Cuddles, however, was right on the money.

Lol, I forgot all about the vault, I thought big worm was talking about... something else ;)

Indeed Big Pete, you sly dog.

Now, what genious was it that came up with the that password..hehe...captain charm.

Big Pete is so dumb. Why did he not go in?

When Big Pete said he was just trying to get his dick wet, I couldn't help but laugh. Does Steve know the vault is in his house? Does repairing the roof have some sort of connection to the vault? Will Steve ever stop being a douchebag and forgive Cuddles? I can't wait for the next episode.

Yeah, thinking about Big Pete gettin' his dick wet with Gladice is an image that will scar my imagination for ever. Thanks Jon!

1st for the lols

Ugh. I knew you'd do this eventually >.<

Anyway: Good episode as always. heh, inappropriately touched :P

Jon, I love your stuff.

This is one of my favourite episodes.

Especially Hicky's line about Pete.

Hahaha, Big Pete makes me laugh. I'm seeing that all this might point to how Big Pete ends up dead and Stinky ends up crying like a girl at Big Pete's funeral!

Also, always good to see Stinky's humour, as well as the rare moment where Hickey is starting to get pissed off!

"He'll be dead soon anyway"

Wat? Insight from The Rooster or Father Hickey having a moment of cuckoo clarity with a Call Forward?

So just to be clear, the vault does exist right?
Loved Hickey's dramatic irony breaker by the way.

"you've been inapporiately touched, no way , I've inapporiately touched"
"no way! small world!"
"ok fellas Im glad you got molested, but shuit the hell up!"!
Big pete is awesome!


lookin forward to how there going to use it.

ah.....this just made my day :P

one of the best so far big Pete is one of my favorite characters in this series so far can't wait next Thursday now to see what happens.

I heart cuddles and big pete

whats up with hickey he knew he was going to die what does he watch the escapist

its not fallout 3 its not fallout 3 its not fallout 3... ok it is. good episode as always.

Fantastic episode. Can't wait to see what's up with the Vault.

Do we dare look in the vault?!

Wow, the fourth wall disappeared quick in this episode, didn't it?
As for the vault door, well, that was unexpected.

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