Doomsday Arcade: Outtakes and Bloopers

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Outtakes and Bloopers

We take a look behind the scenes and see what shenanigans we missed along the way.

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haha, oh, this is great. I don't know how you ever manage to pull off some of these scenes without cracking up.

Who plays the Dice Lord by the way? Just curious...

May I suggest more Spirit Glue for the moustaches?

Great to see you're having fun making this though :)

Although I could see no other possible outcome.

So we have to wait another two weeks now for the next episode? That makes me a sad panda. Oh well, there were some lols in this.

Sweet. I really enjoyed seeing the effects shots before they were composited. It always looks really silly. :)

That was a good... Outakes and Bloopers.
Hopefully that will keep me going until the next episode.
Heh, some good parts in there aswell.
Please don't ask me to identify them, my memory sucks. I'll remember it later :|

haha, oh, this is great. I don't know how you ever manage to pull off some of these scenes without cracking up.

Who plays the Dice Lord by the way? Just curious...

um im using my brain here it sounds like the skinnyer guy of the 2 main charaters if that makes sense o.O

Laughed for a solid 10 minutes, but it has to be said:

BIOSHOCK?!? Hurrah!!

It was really fun to watch. Disappointing to not being able to watch Episode 22 for another two weeks. Lately, I feel that I haven't watched the Doomsday Arcade for a long time. First a longer period between two episodes sometime before, then a few inconclusive and unnecessary episodes, now a special material in place of a full fledged episode.
Unless the actual episode is launched in a few days time, it will be quite disappointing for me. But then, hey, I am just one individual and it's your show guys.

Concerning the material - really good. I enjoyed to see some of the inside work, gave me some new clues as to how to perform my own ideas better. Thanks for both good laughs as well as useful tips!

oh man, i was expecting an episode, and i was really loking forward to a new episoed.

well, i geuss they need four weeks to finish this episode, they do deserve some time off.

looking forward to the next one, please don't disapoint me agian

The mustache bits were great. But what was with the bird thing, were you outdoors?

That mustache coming off was great, I always wondered how many times you guys laugh during production.

that was sillarious, and hopefully the next episode will be as good as 21.

LOL with that many mistakes how do you have enough footage for an episode lol
will we be having any more of these in the future??

COP OUT!!!!!1!!!

loled the whole way through and worth watching. hope we can get ep.22 next week but if not then oh well.

great episode anyway!

Ahhh, so, Bioshock land is next I see!

OMG lazercat!
id say the best part was when yall jumped on the chairs .

Despite not being a proper ep, this was still great. I always love bloopers!

[email protected]#$% YES FINALLY BIOSHOCK NEXT!

I totally remember a few/couple months ago he was complaining about how hard the big daddy suits were to make on one of the cosplay prop forums. So looking forward to seeing how it turned out.

Haha looks like you guys enjoy making these episodes! Loved it lol

i would love to be in this show!!!! it looks like you are having really fun!!

I loved the dice lord jerk off thing, i near shat myself. I enjoyed the outtakes but all this makes me appriceate more it the amazing special effects you do, bravo

Great stuff. I guessed some of the effects shots would be difficult, but who would have guessed moustaches would be so problematic?

They had to do the dicelord's lines in costume?! I assumed they did a voice-over. That must have been difficult. The part with the chairs was hilarious. I'm kinda sad it wasn't a real episode though.

Bioshock next, eh? Boy, they'll need some serious special effects to pull that off. Good luck!

The elevator button clip returns!
Great episode. Very funny.

Who plays the Dice Lord by the way? Just curious...

The guy's called Tom Ainslie and he's appeared as a few things supposedly in this series, it's just that Dice Lord is his most famous character.


On topic, that was quite funny at points. Whilst I would've prefered an actual episode, nothing like some good old mistakes to laugh at. Still, can't wait for next week.

Love the passive-aggressive whining about this not being a 'proper' episode. Quit your whining - it's not like any of you are paying to see it or contributing to it (or life) in any form.

I was hoping to see some outtakes, guys! This was hilarious!

That was awesom
Laughed my ass off.

heh, I guess even a Dice Lord needs to jerk off every so often.
Awesome stuff guys :P
I also has your tie shanks ha HA! >:P

Working on this show looks like fun. Are we going to Rapture on the next episode?

wat was with the fish at the very end?

Haha, that was hilarious!

Also, gogogogogogo Bioshock-episode!


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