Stolen Pixels #142:Mario Interview Part 1

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just-a fun fact:

One of the girls who voice acts princess peach also voice acted zoey from L4D and Cortana from halo. Her names Jen Taylor

Jumping sound!Jumping sound!Jumping sound!Jumping sound! (chanting)

Good comic

I imagine that when Mario is out of character he speaks like John Rhys-Davies.

*Inglez, you blistering idiot!*

Metro cop just made mario his bitch.


"Now do the jump sound"

made me laugh the most xD

Ha that is the funniest thing ever. HOORAY It's a-mario time!

I love Metro.

Is he just one guy, or is that what he calls all of his guards?

This was stupid, but nevertheless greatly amusing.

Like that guy in Bleach with the hat that makes a sign "that's correct" pop up when he pulls the drape.

I lol'ed, the sheer hillarity of it all.

Well done, =D

teehee sounds amazing!!

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