Alt+Escape: Level Editor

Alt+Escape: Level Editor

I bet the guys who make Mario never have to worry about monstrous spikeballs.

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I think my favorite part is the lack of death animation. You just kinda fall over dead.

like Lucidity, only ugly and fun!

meh, most of the levels are based on your ability to time jumps and jump accurately... a few of the hard and intense levels actually are puzzles but it takes too long to get there

more or less the exact opposite of the amazing that is time fcuk (although this borrows from some of the poorly designed user made content)

the music is nice though

Not bad at all. At least made me play it all the way through.
Few levels tried to pose a challenge, but otherwise it was a relaxing ride. Well, the controls made the ride at times nerve-shattering.

That was...
That was pretty fun =D nice find!

Kind of fun. I'm not particularly good at timing my jumps though, so I died more times than I'd like to admit.

yeah, controls were a bit wonky, and i made it about half way through the hard tier of levels, but they were still pretty much cake. not much difficulty, the puzzles were pretty basic. good music, if a bit repettitive.

Control was passable, level design boring, game-play value somewhere between a NES platformer and a less fun N+.
Sorry just really dull for me.
To improve it add more variety, things other than blocks, and some more detail.

I'd say this game is more of action platformer, than a puzzle game.

Eric the Orange:
I'd say this game is more of action platformer, than a puzzle game.

It's a little of both. It requires both reflexes and planning, which is often a highly annoying combination. I suppose this is what it's like being in the theater.

"Places, people! We've got two spiked balls of death to smash into each other and only three blocks to do it with. Rob! You're on key duty. We're on in five!"


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