Yahtzee The Ultimate Game Critic And The Imps Invasion

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This is the official thread for "Yahtzee The Ultimate Game Critic And The Imps Invasion".


Please tell us what you think of the game; use of the words "compelling" and "cinematic" are already assumed in your reviews.

maybe a bit to hard on the player, it wasn't really fun enough for me to play it over and over, but beside that, most enjoyable game in the contest (out of the 8 i have tried so far).

I thought this was quite fun, but the whole mouse wheel to change weapons thing dosen't seem to work, just scrolls the page.

Congratulations. The art work and over the top weapons realy capture the ZP spirit. You have a thing of beauty here.

This game is good, best game in the contest that ive played, should be the winner

edit: I beat it and it says "press space not to die" and it kills me WTF i hate the creator of this game

edit: I think it still counted it as me winning because now i can be any character xD

edit: Redid the game as the assassins creed guy and finished the QTE! maybe yahtzee didn't get that far because he didn't mention it. Very good for only 2 weeks

In the comments, Yahtzee said this was the clear winner, so... why didn't it win? The controls are a bit annoying, and there are a few annoying bugs in places; it could do with a bit more polish. But overall, the art style was pretty damn good, and it was certainly enjoyable.

And yes, I stopped to read the wall. :)

A few bugs killed the experience. It was more mouse friendly than touch pad friendly. But it wins for allowing me to juggles the imps with a chainsaw.

Random argument man:
A few bugs killed the experience. It was more mouse friendly than touch pad friendly. But it wins for allowing me to juggles the imps with a chainsaw.

Seconded. I laughed out loud when I found out I could do that while listening to elevator music.

I think this is the true winner, much more varied than the 1st place one.

If that's third place, second and first could be quite good.

I liked getting the car/jeep/thing into all the different areas! Yay for jumping cars! (jump and immediately enter car)

hey guys.. thanks for the comments XD

and i'm working at an updated version... with sound effects + better collision + buttons to switch weapons.. and many bugs fixed..

sry is filled with bugs.. as i said in the credits.. it's made in around 10 days :( i'm still
not sure if i won or not... this is confusing :-S

anyway .... thanks again for playing ^__^ i really apreciate that.. and your feedback helps me improve... yes YOUR feedback adrian XD =)) (i love doing that)

LE: ah sry.. i didn't read that description.... i saw the winner :P also there seems to be a bug with the embeded flash :-S it looks.. BAD

play it here >>> http://www.xelubest.ro/zpgame.html

i would apreciate it if a moderator replace the original swf with this one :P it's the same game with small updates :)

and yes.. if you wanna talk.. you can contact me on the msn id from the credits...


Liked the game but every time I switched weapons the entire page shifted. Either the game did that, or its just my computer knowledge inadequacy.

Twas nice though

about the weapon switching thing... i know :(

i had Q and E to switch weapons before but there were some bugs.. and some weapons were auto-unlocking using that method.. and since we didn't had time... i had to remove that and just leave the scroll... but i'll add that and fix it in the near future :D

@Andronicus > haha.. thanks for reading what's on the wall XD

@WrongSprite > Thanks for thinking that this should be the winner :P

Great game! I know you mentioned the weapon switch and all, but I couldn't use it. Damn laptop. I just had to use what I picked up. Made the train part extremely hard.

Interesting, full of references, but boring. If there were checkpoints I would have played it to the end.

You got the humour right, but the mouse scrolling kind of breaks it. I had to keep pausing the game and rejusting my screen every time I want to change weapon. It's probably best to just stick with the flame thrower anyway.

Fun game.Great music.Nice art style.But just a little too easy.Still a good game.And i think this one should be in first place.

When i was on top the building and it said jump and i did and my character got stuck jumping, i can guess thats not supposed to happen. It definitely deserved to be in the top 3 tho.

Of the others that I've played, this one is by far the best one.

I think everyone has mentioned the weapon change, but I also noticed on the Train bit, you get stuck and have to jump to move forward. It's not major, just annoying. Oh, and some checkpoints would have been nice.

But apart from that, for me it's the best one so far (But I wouldn't go as far as to compare it to Battleship Potempkin...)

The game is a good entry. Its greatest failing is the numerous bugs that plague it.

I love the levels! The background art is full of personality and in-jokes. It is also easily the most detailed background art I've seen in any of the entries. (Including my own, I really should have worked harder on that) It reminds me of some of the side-scrolling beat-em-ups from the 90s, little visual gags strewn about here and there.

The music is a bit on the loud side, but totally awesome! Cheesy butt-rock, and such a good match for the gameplay.

The gameplay is simple, and I've never liked mouse controls for shooting. But the varied and entertaining weapon selection helps to liven it up nicely. Handing the character a flamethrower and a chainsaw later in the level is fantastic. The jumping is probably one of the weaker aspects. It doesn't feel like there is any real weight to the character, and jumping in general doesn't benefit you any.

The animation isn't stellar, but it is definitely above average. It looks like it was done with code. Given the dynamic nature of the main character, and his response to the aiming, this would make sense. The fact that additional characters can be unlocked is a rather impressive feature. It doesn't make as much sense for a brief flash game, but my hat is off to you anyway.

I you want a quick fix for the whole mouse scrolling stuff, just use the direct link to the flash and adjust the window. Direct link is this. --> http://tinyurl.com/yduqv Overall, an enjoyable game, but it certainly had its fair share of bugs.

Well, it is totally, completely awesome. It should have been in the first place if not for the bugs and stupid weapon switch mechanic. I hope it gets progressively better.

EDIT: and it also has a rather nasty bug on a train - after boxcar with ammo on top, there is a next one - and Yahtzee inexplicably dies there sometimes.

Second edit: gun that shoots shurikens and lightning could use... you know... actual lightning.

Third edit: please make animation of the deltaplane flying away when Yahtzee lands, rather than just flashing and disappearing.

@The Random One > The game is simple and short.. i don't think it would need checkpoints.. also i was considering adding some but again.. the time killed me

@RAND00M > yeah.. here is another problem... lots of people say it's too hard.. and lots of people say it's too easy =) damn it's hard making right games XD

@dmase > ah.. sry i didn't found that bug :-S the game was tested by a couple of friends but nobody had that bug... i'll try to fix it soon :D

@RossyB > "Of the others that I've played, this one is by far the best one." THANKS :P and yeah i know the little stucking things on the trian and i have no idea why that happens =(

@Dableo > Broken Link...

@Kollega > Thanks for the review... and for thinking that it should win XD

AGAIN!!!! for all of those that want to play the game WITHOUT the scrolling bug...

>>>>PLAY IT HERE > http://www.xelubest.ro/zpgame.html <<<<<

site is bugged for me....

The gun with the flaming tits that shot shurikens and lightning made this.

Actually, though, it's the only entry that I replayed after I died... I thought it was pretty damn compelling, and the weapon selection is sweet.

The stake shooting gun has some bugs... sometimes two stakes will appear, no stakes will appear, etc.

Overall though, this was my favorite.

@uszi >. Thanks alot for the reply. Yeah i know the log weqpon is buggy cause it was the last one added :(. We also had a grenade launcher and a knife but we removed those cause they werent funny :p. And thanks again For thinking that is wa nice and funny =)

The game is clearly influenced (heavily) by Madness Interactive. But other than that, a very fun and well made game. Difficulty wasn't too bad, don't know why people found it too hard? But the lack of sound effects was a bit annoying at times. Overall, I think it was easily the Winner!

@sirbryghtside > yes the tits gun it was supposed to run out of bullets when the boss has 1mm of life

@loganash >. Yes the game is inspired by madness interactive cause im a big of madness ^__^. +. I had sound effects added but they were too annoying cause i didnt had the time to make them sound right

once again. Thanks for letting me know ur opinion


>>>>PLAY IT HERE > http://www.xelubest.ro/zpgame.html <<<<<

theres an bug at the boss, i cant use all the weapons, only the smg, the guitar, flamethrower and the wood gun, also i had full hp and he one shotted me by me touching him (i only had the guitar left) .

@swaki > you are supposed to shoot him with the shuriken weapon and then with the mini gun or the tree launcher... His blast drains half of your life and if you touch him you die :P

@uszi >. Thanks alot for the reply. Yeah i know the log weqpon is buggy cause it was the last one added :(. We also had a grenade launcher and a knife but we removed those cause they werent funny :p. And thanks again For thinking that is wa nice and funny =)

Grenade launcher...
Wasn't... funny?

Omg... I want to explode imps. :(

I loved it. I played it over and over again. Good enough combat, nice fun, and I have only one complaint. When I was at the part with the hang-glider, I walked to the end of the box. After, I got stuck and had to restart. But, whatever, it was good enough to overlook that.

And I really don't see how that tower defense one beat it...

Edit: Also, scroll to switch? Bad idea.

This game is awesome. 1st prize in my eyes. Just played through it again as Gordon Freeman. Plus it had a series of QTEs that I actually liked =)

Oh, what fun. My mouse refuses to change weapons, so I generally end up hopping around and dying as soon as the stake gun runs out of rounds, and when I finally managed to stave off the hordes, get more ammo, and move on...I randomly die. No explanation given. I'm just dead.

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