Zero Punctuation: To Hell and Back

This is the official thread for "Zero Puncuation: To Hell and Back".

Please tell us what you think of the game; use of the words "compelling" and "cinematic" are already assumed in your reviews.

The music is nice but I'm kind of confused as to what exactly I'm supposed to do.

Yea..doesn't really seem like a game...


...I can't wait for the review of this.

What was that O_x


Why was there a difficulty option, tutorial? Was that humour?

Well. The title music was good.

I think before he submitted the game he should have finished making it. Radical idea, I know.

WTF am i suppose to do?!

What am I supposed to do in this game?

I would almost think that the creator wanted to make a game that plays itself. The ultimate cash in, which is impossible to lose.

Or he's being lazy.

definitely NOT compelling

...or cinematic

I thought we were coming BACK from hell....................

Alright I'll say it now... It wasn't fantastic. But at least it's budget wasn't set sky high.
So in terms of low to no budget, 5/5!

That was not a game, if i acutally got to do something then yes it would be but its not

I think it's funny how many people are completely missing the point of the whole thing.

I'd like to know where he got the music, as it is pretty awesome.


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