quest for the branston pickles

This is the official thread for "quest for the branston pickles".

Please tell us what you think of the game; use of the words "compelling" and "cinematic" are already assumed in your reviews.

This was pretty fun in a puzzle kind of way, though it dose get very difficult very fast.

I was compelled by how cinematic it was.

Way to hard. Fun though, and it could use some new tunes.

Sorry to say this, but...

Too hard; don't play.

I'm more than happy to say that I sucked at that, but the 4th room in was too frustrating to justify continued playing.

this was actualy FUN!

The concept behind this game is good. And the game mechanics themselves are well implemented. I'm just not sure that the game was balanced properly. The amount of "boost" you have to work with makes even some of the earliest levels rather difficult. The very "analog" controls combined with the well implemented physics make for some engaging gameplay...perhaps if the amount of "boost" you get had started off higher, and shrunk over time?

I would have to say that this title definitely shows promise. With a little more tweaking on the balance, it could become an office hit. (the kind that people e-mail each other about) I would encourage the author to re-skin this game with his/her own custom graphics, tweak the gameplay and balance a touch, and re-release it.

Richard Kain:
I would encourage the author to re-skin this game with his/her own custom graphics, tweak the gameplay and balance a touch, and re-release it.

well, then maybe it would look like this,

No, Eric the Orange, not quite like that. That game is more of a fluid simulation than then kind of gameplay in this title. Though the theme they apply to that game could certainly work for this.

In this game, I definitely liked the "hat" effect when you choose to restart the level. That is a nice touch. Given the type of game it is, having the ability to restart the level at any time is also nice.

Also, I know the music is thematically correct, but it really grates on your nerves after a while. Adding less intrusive music would have been a plus, or failing that, a volume control.

This one I like, simple yet fun control system with gives you the feel as if you are right there in the room with Yahtzee

Will be back from a replay


Thanks for all the constructive comments guys, i'll probably try to make this idea into a bigger game with a bit more effort and less "damn, this contest it due to tomorrow!" in it... at *SOME* point in time but, as for today, i have a university to not be kicked out of.
Glad you enjoyed playing the game just as much as i enjoyed making it (got frustratingly hard after the first two lines of code :D)

I really liked this one, those quicktime events at the end were pretty confusing to say the least lol

THIS ONE WAS THE BEST OF ALL!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE WON :D, the gameplay was fun and the physics
just awesome, and lol to everyone saying this was freaking impossible hahaha, althoug it was hard in deed.

Congratulations for making an awesome game, with more levels, more enemies, more music, a little tweaks, more techniches besides the Shout and the talk (that were pretty cool implemented) and use this techniches in special challenges (like waking uop the imps that was fun, maybe shout to destroy a wall a certain enemy, to tear down a spike wall or something), boss fights or what ever, but anyways...

congrats =P

hahaha man i played it again and beat it in less than 5 min ^_^ the difficulty curve is not that bad aseveryone said, you just have to learn the physics right, is the base of every great game, easy to learn, hard to master :D

Yeah, it's too hard. Also, no sound. Seriously, guys, did you expect to win this contest with a game with no sound? Did you expect no one else would add sound to their entries, either? I feel like I'm twelve and need to game with a muted computer to not wake my mom.

Still, this one is inventive, unique, and I really like the hat-sweep it does when you die/reset. Despite its shortcomings, one of the best.

Someone's been playing spewer...


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